Retail marijuana shop to open in Presque Isle

3 years ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The Presque Isle City Council unanimously approved the city’s first retail marijuana license during last week’s city council meeting after there were no public hearing comments or objections.

Full Bloom Cannabis, owned and operated by Steve and April Rusnack, is operating a medical marijuana shop on Main Street in Presque Isle, and this application is a request to convert their medical marijuana license into an adult-use retail license. 

This is the first retail application that we’ve had,” City Manager Martin Puckett said. “The rest have all been medical applications. They’ve [Full Bloom Cannabis] submitted all the necessary paperwork. I haven’t received any objections to the application.“

The adult and medical marijuana license allows for the conversion of a medical license to adult retail at the same location provided they pay an application fee and new license fee, said Director of Economic & Community Development Galen Weibley. 

“Payment has been received by the Code Enforcement Office and Finance Department for the application and license fees,” he said. “The Department of Economic & Community Development has received the applicant’s completed forms and received no concerns from the Police Department regarding the business’ operations. DECD staff believe the application is in compliance with the standards of the council and respectfully request the council approve Full Bloom Cannabis’ conversion request to recreation.”

To comply with state and city recreational marijuana regulations, Full Bloom Cannabis said in their application that they will install a security system, control odors by restricting how long cannabis is exposed, including displays placed in sealable jars, inventory in sealed bags for storage, and no baking of edibles or production activities within the storefront.

Full Bloom Cannabis also has shops in Fort Kent (medical) and Grand Isle (recreational).