Caribou reelects Smith as mayor, swears in new councilor during first meeting of 2022

2 years ago

CARIBOU, Maine — The Caribou City Council reelected Jody Smith as city mayor and welcomed John Morrill as the newest councilor at its annual organizational meeting.

Local voters elected both Smith and Morrill to two-year terms in November 2021. Morrill replaces outgoing councilor Tom Ayer, who served as deputy chairperson. During the Jan. 3 meeting, the council unanimously elected Courtney Boma as the new deputy chairperson.

Councilor Joan Theriault nominated Smith for city mayor while Doug Morrell nominated Mark Goughan. After a secret ballot process, Smith received five votes and Goughan received two, making Smith mayor for a second year.

Smith thanked Caribou voters for reelecting him and the council for allowing him to serve as mayor.

“Last year was quite the learning experience and I look forward to doing it again,” Smith said.

Morrill also thanked voters for electing him as a first-time councilor. A longtime city volunteer and founder of the Caribou Snowmobile and ATV Clubs, Morrill had previously expressed interest in helping the city redevelop residential properties and invest in future business growth.

“I hope I don’t disappoint you. I probably will, but that’s just how I roll,” Morrill said. “I’m excited about being here.”

The council also certified numerous appointments to city administrative roles and community and advisory boards, including Danielle Brissette as city clerk, registrar of voters and overseer of the general assistance program and Cherie Garman as deputy city clerk.

This year the council changed its regular meeting dates from the first and third Monday of each month to the second and fourth Mondays. The change came about due to councilors’ scheduling conflicts, Smith said.

The next regular council meeting will occur at 6 p.m. Monday, Jan. 10, at the Caribou Municipal Building, located at 25 High St. During that meeting, the council expects to receive the first draft of the proposed 2022 municipal budget.