Easton aims to be a formidable contender this season

2 years ago

EASTON, Maine — Easton’s mission last year was to try and build strong interest in the basketball program. Now, the Bears want to be formidable opponents in the league.

Easton suffered a tough last season, with the Bears not able to secure any wins, with a final record of 0-12. This season, Head Coach Emily Hill is looking to build on the team’s existing resilience, and work to make improvements from day to day. 

“We are hoping to improve in all areas this season, but will focus primarily on the fundamentals,” Hill said. “I would like the girls to come away with a greater overall knowledge of the game. For example, knowing how to move without the ball and transitioning better from different defensive and offensive options.”

This is Hill’s second year coaching the Easton varsity girls basketball team. She also coached the boys middle school basketball team for Old Town for one year. 

Members of the 2021-2022 Bears include senior Kaylee Boyce; junior Kenzie Legassie; sophomores Amelia Bate, Mackenzie Kinney and Madison Seeley; freshmen Laynie Brewer, Grace Sloan, Madison Bridges, Chloe Lento and Caitlyn MacPherson. 

Potential starters include senior Boyce, who is a very strong post player and Easton’s top scorer. Sophomore Kinney is also in the running, as she is stepping up as a point guard, and is a strong shooter, the coach said.

Sophomore Bate is a solid defender with an excellent foul shot, and freshman Bridges is another solid defender for the team. Sophomore Seeley shows great hustle, and is a very strong rebounder for Easton. She is also the only new player to the team this year. 

“My team’s greatest strengths are their resilience and their attitudes,”Hill continued. “They are never defeated and continue to work hard to make even small improvements from game to game and practice to practice.”

Easton continues its stay in Class C. Looking ahead at the competition, Hill anticipates that the top teams from last year will be strong again this year, citing Fort Fairfield, Central Aroostook, and Wisdom as top contenders. 

Easton has dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic as best as they can. While the majority of players were excited for the chance to play, some outliers were not on board with some of the league’s protocols.

The pandemic has affected our team similarly to last year,” Hill said. “The girls who decided to play are glad and grateful to have the opportunity to have a somewhat normal season. I did have two or so girls admit to not wanting to play due to having to wear a mask.”