Despite challenges, Aroostook teams pull off some victories

1 year ago

Aroostook basketball teams met some tough challengers but pulled out wins during a few close matches. The following scores were reported to the newspaper by presstime.

Girls Basketball

Fort Fairfield 56, Washburn 35 — Washburn hosted Fort Fairfield and lost to them on Monday, Jan. 23, with Fort Fairfield pulling ahead by nine points in the first quarter.

The top scorers for Fort Fairfield were Kassidy Gorneault at 36 points with Laney Devine hitting a couple of 3-pointers. Laney Devine also made a couple of 3-pointers to pull her team ahead.

Logan Curtis was Washburn’s top scorer at 15 points with Madelyn Johnston contributing 10 points. Curtis swished four 3-point shots while Johnston made three 3-pointers.

Washburn 71, Van Buren 26 — Washburn managed to beat out Van Buren at a home game on Wednesday, Jan. 25, as Washburn hit the ground running over Van Buren.

The top scorers for Washburn were Madelyn Johnston at 21 points with Logan Curtis and Chelsea Hobbs each scoring 14 points. Johnston had the most 3-point shots made for Washburn with Isabelle Allen, Jaici Rosi-Carney, Heidi Echeverria, Hobbs, and Curtis all contributed a single 3-pointer.

Abbie Cormier was Van Buren’s top scorer with 17 points and Audry Caron made the only 3-pointer of the night for her team.

Ellsworth 62, Presque Isle 32 — Presque Isle lost at home to Ellsworth at last Friday’s game on Jan. 27. Presque Isle tried to rally in the second half with around 25 points scored but couldn’t catch up to Ellsworth.

The top scorers for Ellsworth was Grace Jaffray with 19 points with Abby Radel contributing a couple of 3-pointers.

Presque Isle had Rossalyn Buck as their top scorer at eight points scored for the match.

Fort Kent 66, Fort Fairfield 28 — Fort Kent pulled a win at the home court of Fort Fairfield last Friday, Jan. 27, as the visiting team took off in points. The top scorers for the Fort Kent girls basketball team were a whopping 22 points from Lily Oliver with Mia Voisine draining 13 points. Amari Weaver netted the most 3-pointers for Fort Kent at two for the game, while Larissa Daigle contributed a single 3-pointer.

For Fort Fairfield, Mattey Devine led the charge in scoring with 12 points while Kassidy Gorneault netted nine points. Both Laney Devine and Mattey Devine landed a single 3-pointer for their team.

“Fort Kent is a very good team, very athletic and certainly one of the top teams in class C,” Fort Fairfield coach Larry Gardner said.

Hodgdon 79, Washburn 31 — Washburn had a tough match in their home game against Hodgdon, who won on Saturday, Jan. 28.

The top scorers for Hodgdon were Anna Oliver with 29 points and Marissa Dow scored 15 points. Dow made the most 3-pointers at five, while Aleyah Matheson and Sadie Thompson both made two 3-pointers.

For Washburn, Logan Curtis led the charge at nine points for the game and Madelyn Johnston followed with eight points scored. Both Johnston and Curtis netted two 3-pointers but it wasn’t enough to catch up to Hodgdon.

Mount Desert Island 60, Presque Isle 57 — It was a close nailbiter of a game for Presque Isle during their home game against Mount Desert Island on Saturday, Jan. 28. The final quarter ended like the second quarter with a three point lead for Mount Desert Island.

Jorja Maynard was the top scorer for Presque Isle with 15 points and five 3-point shots that were netted.

Mollie Gray had 16 points scored for Mount Desert Island as Presque Isle fought to win out at home but came up a bit short.

Boys Basketball

Wisdom 68, Ashland 45 — Wisdom traveled to Ashland’s home court on Wednesday, Jan. 25, coming out with a win.

Wisdom’s Dominic Gendreau was their top scorer at 28 points, along with Camden Pelletier at 18 points and Logan Lagasse at 11. Gendreau also led in most 3-pointers made with five scored and Lagasse contributed a single 3-pointer.

Ashland had Inyas Janoch score 16 points with Cole Eastman following up with 15 points. Janoch made a couple of 3-pointers while Eastman netted a single 3-pointer. Both Eastman and Janoch were avid defenders for Ashland as Eastman grabbed 16 rebounds and Janoch caught 10 rebounds.

Ashland 40, Van Buren 35 — Ashland was singing a different tune at their home game against Van Buren on Friday, Jan. 27, pulling a win to the delight of fans.

This time Grant Thomas was Ashland’s top scorer at 10 points with Inyas Janoch contributed eight points and Dakota Sutherland followed up with eight points. Austin Clark and Brady Berry were Ashland’s go-to players for 3-point shots with each draining a single shot for Ashland.

For Van Buren, Noah Martin was their top scorer at nine points with Adam Ayotte and Dawson Searles both contributing seven points. Xavier Deschaine was the leading scorer in 3-pointers with a couple scored in the game.

Inyas Janoch was the lead defender for Ashland with 14 rebounds and six steals to put his team over the edge for the win. Cole Eastman had 13 rebounds with six blocks respectively.

Ellsworth 64, Presque Isle 57 — Ellsworth managed to pull out a win over Presque Isle on Friday, Jan. 27 as both teams traded blows.

The top scorers for Ellsworth were Chance Mercier with 24 points scored and Peter Keblinsky contributing 20 points. Mercier made the most 3-point shots with four and Eamon MacDonald managed to score triple 3-pointers.

For Presque Isle, Malachi Cummings was their top scorer with 19 points with Brayden Castonguay and Brent Greenlaw contributing 14 points. Both Castonguay and Greenlaw made four 3-point shots to keep Presque Isle in the game.

Hodgdon 107, Washburn 30 — Hodgdon blew the doors off their game against Washburn on Saturday, Jan. 28 with a 45-to-5 point difference by the third quarter.

The top scorer for Hodgdon was Drew Duttweiler scoring 24 points with both David Tuttle and Walker Oliver contributing 16 points. Caleb Tuttle netted 15 points, along with Oisin Gardiner with 14 points and Brody Little with 11 points.

Washburn’s top scorer was both Mitch Turner and Garrett Plourde scoring 10 points apiece.

Presque Isle 54, Mount Desert Island 46 — Presque Isle managed to win at home over Mount Desert Island on Saturday, Jan. 28.

Malachi Cummings was Presque Isle’s top scorer with 19 points and Jack buck was close behind at 16 points. Brent Greenlaw followed up with a couple of 3-pointers to help extend Presque Isle’s lead.