Caribou area From our Files – Week of February 1, 2023

1 year ago

115 Years Ago – Jan. 30, 1908

Retired — G. W. Irving has retired from the Caribou Water, Light & Power Company, his interests having been purchased by R. L. Gary and J. P. Donworth.

Publishers meet — The second annual meeting of the Aroostook Publishers Association was held at Houlton last Friday. Those present were C. C. Harvey of the Fort Fairfield Review, C. A. Lyons of the Houlton Pioneer, C. H. Fogg of the Houlton Times, E. L. Lowell of the Mars Hill View and L. J. Pendell of The Aroostook Republican, G. H. Collins of the Presque Isle Star-Herald was detained at home on account of the sickness of his mother, and C. D. Pendell of the Ashland Gazette was unable to be present owing to the poor passenger train service now in vogue on the B. & A. Through the courtesy of County Commissioner C. E. Dunn and Clerk of Courts M. M. Clark the meeting was held in the county commissioners office. One of the important subjects discussed was the raising of the subscription price of all the county papers, but no action was taken along that line. It was stated—and with 100 percent of truth—that the raw material (paper) costs nearly double what it did a few years ago, wages are higher and everything which enters into the getting out of a newspaper has advanced in price. But the subscription rate has remained the same. As stated, however, no action was taken, although numerous facts and figures were presented proving that the amount received on subscription for a term of years did not begin to pay the cost of issuing the paper.

100 Years Ago – Feb. 1, 1923

Trains running late — Trains were all the way from three to six hours late last Thursday, due to the snow, followed by wind causing huge drifts. The night train was obliged to remain overnight near Monticello, having run into an extremely large drift.

New owner — Fred G. McLaughlin, who has been employed as shoe maker for A. Norell for some time, has purchased the shoe repair department, taking possession this week, Mr. McLaughlin has had considerable experience in this line, having worked 16 years in a shoe factory and also having been employed as repairman in several places.

75 Years Ago – Jan. 29, 1948

Cary Hospital is approved — According to a report released this week by the American College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Cary Memorial Hospital of Caribou is among those approved by the association as having a high type of personnel, a modern physical plant, good organization, regular conferences and a well organized staff of competent, ethical physicians and surgeons. Of 3,000 hospitals under survey in 1947, 80.6% were approved. The Cary Hospital has 40 beds and a regular staff of 10 according  to the report.

Champion spellers — Marjorie Fay Cyr of Van Buren, is 1948 Aroostook Spelling Champion among students of the county’s Grammar Schools. Champion of the High Schools is Byrna Mae Porter of Houlton. The countywide Bees were sponsored by this and other newspapers of Aroostook County, as a new feature of the annual Caribou Winter Carnival.

25 Years Ago – Feb. 4, 1998

This is your life — Susan Bassett Ward, a Caribou Nursing Home resident, is the town of Limestone’s oldest citizen. She holds the prestigious Boston Post Cane, presented to her in 1996 by the community’s Board of Selectmen.

County generosity — A total of 45 employees at VNA offices in Caribou, Presque Isle and Houlton contributed 177 hours of personal vacation time, changing it into $2,453.61 to contribute to victims of the recent ice storm. Rita Daigle and Saundra Scott-Adams presented the check to Larry Harrison of the Red Cross. Galen Michaud and Shawn Anderson were also present.