20 Wisdom seniors graduate

5 months ago

ST. AGATHA — Twenty students at Wisdom Middle/High School recently graduated during a ceremony which featured speeches from four students, Principal Cheryl Hallowell, School Counselor and Guidance Director Tammy Lothrop, St. John Valley Technology Center Director Kevin Lavoie and Superintendent Benjamin Siriois.

Hallowell encouraged the students to continue learning throughout their lives, whether they choose to continue school, enlist in the military, or to go into the workforce.

“There is always an opportunity to learn and grow,” said Hallowell during the June 10 ceremony. “Take advantage of these opportunities.”

Hallowell said life can move quickly, so it’s also important to make sure to leave room for fun.

“So while you’re working and studying, make sure you leave room for the things that bring you happiness,” she said.

Student speaker Kylie Pelletier spoke about how the Class of 2023 is the first graduating class to have dealt with COVID-19 throughout all four years of high school.

“We spent most of our freshman and sophomore years in quarantine and persevering through virtual school,” she Pelletier. “It wasn’t easy, but we got through it together.”

Student Abbie Lerman shared anecdotes about her experiences with classmates throughout their time in school, and also thanked the teachers and faculty for their sacrifices and dedication to the students and school.

“I don’t think people understand the difficult decisions you have to make,” Lerman said. “Sometimes things are not black and white. There are a lot of behind the scenes that not everyone sees. Thank you for your sacrifices.”

Senior Olivia Ouellette spoke about how, while writing her speech, she realized that time went by much faster than expected.

“And soon we will all set off on our way to chase our dreams and to become our own person,” she said. “It’s crazy to think that we will no longer see each other every day and meet up to hang out together after school, but we are onto bigger and better things.”

And graduating senior Ethan Hayes spoke about archery as a biblical analogy, specifically that children are to parents like arrows to a “mighty man” or a “man of war.”

“Our parents and school have crafted us to become perfectly crafted arrows over time,” he said, “ready to be launched into the target that is life.”