Mapleton Lions prepare for the fair 

Terry Sandusky, Special to The County
10 months ago

The Northern Maine Fair is always filled with surprises and fun times. One thing that remains the same at every fair is the fairgoers desire for excellent fair food. This year the Mapleton Lions Club was able to provide hundreds of burgers, many hundreds of pounds of French fries and several hundred doughboys. The Mapleton Lions Club thanks everyone who came out to have a burger and fries or a doughboy at the club’s fair food booth. Lion Dennis Hoffses, food booth chair, was happy with the turnout of Mapleton Lions supporters who ate at the food booth.

Club President Rick Fowler stated, “The funds raised at the food booth will enable the Mapleton Lions Club to underwrite many of its community projects, such as annual college scholarships, reconstruction of the Mapleton tennis courts, purchase and installation of the cover for the Mapleton Pool, donations to help low income individuals and families with medical needs. Project Graduation, Aroostook Teen Leadership Camp, Quoddy Jo Ski After School Ski Program, the Pines and Spurs Riding Club’s show ring rebuild, and many other community projects.”

If readers are missing the Club’s delicious fair food, you will have another opportunity later this month when the Crown Maine Balloon Fest arrives. The Balloon Fest will be held at the Northern Maine Fair Ground starting Aug. 24 and ending on the 27th. Everyone is encouraged to come out and enjoy another burger, hot dog, sausage sandwich with a big serving of fries. Again all the funds raised will be used for Mapleton Lions Club Charities and Community Projects. Be watching days and times when the food booth will be open.

Baptist Park concludes 91st camp season

This Year Baptist Park was returned to hosting three residential, overnight camps. The first week high schoolers were able to attend the “Outdoor Adventure Camp”, where campers learned outdoor skills, worked on archery skills, pitched tents, rode mountain bikes, hiked a couple mountains, canoeed down the river, swam and fished! At the same time, a second camp during high school week called “Flight Camp”. The Camp’s emphasis was on learning the principles of flight. They flew planes, drones, and traveled down to Pittsfield for flying time. The third overnight camping week was the “Maxed Out Camp” for kids in middle school. Each day, all campers participated in a class where they learned all about God’s Masterpiece. Additionally, there were a variety of activities for the campers including playing mini golf, riding bikes, going down a 150-foot slip & slide, and playing many rounds of Nuke ‘Em, Gaga Ball, and Four Square in the Air!

Toward the end of the camping season, day camps were provided to the young “Puddle Jumpers” (ages 4 and 5) and “Growing Up Adventurers” (ages 6-8). They had activities packed into their days painting flower pots and planting sunflowers, going down the slip & slide and swimming in the pool. The Growing Up Adventurers also had the option of one night’s stay at the camp in order to give the youngsters experience of camping away from home.  

Erin and Andrew Kofstad, co-camp directors were pleased with the success of this year’s camping program. After a few days off, they along with the Baptist Park’s Board of Directors will begin planning for 92nd camping season in 2024.

The annual Christian Life Conference was held at Baptist Park of Mapleton on July 22. The conference was coordinated by Rev. James Ackerson (left) and led by international award-winning author and speaker Randy David Newman. His books include “Questioning Evangelism”, “Mere Evangelism: 10 Insights from C.S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith”, and “Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to Family Members, Close Friends, and Those Who Know You Well”. (Contributed photo)

Christian Life Conference at Baptist Park

Over the past several years, a one Christian Life Conference has been held at Baptist Park of Mapleton. This year’s conference theme was “Ambassador’s for Christ:  Agents of God’s Reconciling Love”.  

Randy David Newman, an internationally known author and speaker was featured speaker of the day.  His books include the award-winning “Questioning Evangelism”, “Mere Evangelism: 10 Insights from C.S. Lewis to Help You Share Your Faith” and “Bringing the Gospel Home: Witnessing to Family Members, Close Friends, and Those Who Know You Well”.

This conference focused on how God’s people can effectively share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a non-threatening manner. He used humor and wit, and drew from years of his personal boots-on-the-ground experience, in persuasively approaching skeptics and seekers. Conference participants excitedly engaged in the conversation around more modern and up to day evangelism.

Rev. James Ackerson, conference coordinator said, he was pleased with the attendance for this conference to hear and learn from a speaker and writer of Newman’s stature. The conference was successful at drawing participants into a powerful learning experience. He thanked Baptist Park of Mapleton for helping promote and support this important conference program. We are looking forward to next year’s conference, but more importantly we are eager to hear about the impact this conference has had on the lives of those attending. 

Terry Sandusky is the Star-Herald correspondent for Mapleton, Chapman and Castle Hill and can be reached at 764-4916 or at