Caribou area From Our Files – Week of September 20, 2023

10 months ago

115 Years Ago – Sept. 17, 1908

Resigned position — J. A. Michaud has resigned his position as manager of F. J. Dionne’s shoe store and will enter Bates college.

Return from New York — John F. Jerrard has returned from New York where he has been buying fall and winter goods for Clark-Jerrard Co. Mr. Jerrard purchased an extensive line of ladies’ and childrens garments which he expects is about a week or 10 days.

New crosswalks in town — Several new crosswalks are being put down on Main Street. The walks are made of concrete manufactured at the plant of the Caribou Hydraulic Stone Company.

100 Years Ago – Sept. 20, 1923

Accepts a new position — Miss Mildred Duncan returned home last Saturday from Boston where she has been visiting the past two weeks. She has accepted a position in the office of H. E. Umphrey, she commenced her duties on Monday.

75 Years Ago – Sept. 16, 1948

Golden wedding observed — Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Bennett celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary Aug. 31 in the Limestone Grange Hall with about 250 guests present. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett were married in Fort Fairfield by the Rev. Charles W. Wheeler Aug. 31, 1898. Mrs. Bennett was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Issac Willey. Mr. and Mrs. Bennett are the parents of five children, four of whom are still living. Flossie died in infancy, Roy, Harold, Mr.s James Leavitt (Mabel), all of Caribou and Mrs. Robert Dozier (Alice) of Woodland; also thirteen grandchildren and eight great grandchildren.

Construction work begins on Water Street gravity wall — Construction work on the new $5,000 Water St. retaining wall, which will run along the river at Cross St. bridge, has already begun with workmen now preparing  to lay the base of the modern, bin type structure. Shipment of all materials was received here by Town Manager William B. Burns on Sept. 2 and included eight barrels of nuts , bolts, and washers. Total weight of the wall is 47,500 pounds. Burns remarked that the present concrete wall will not be torn down entirely, but will be used partly as fill material for the new structure after it is completed. Only five sections of the concrete wall will be cut down to allow setting cross-stringers for the new foundation.

25 Years Ago – Sept. 23, 1998

ATX opens an office in the downtown area — Three miles of wire, numerous cubicles and a state-of-the-art computer system were installed in the former Brooks building to prepare for one of the city’s newest businesses. A crowd of more than 50 people showed up to celebrate the grand opening and dedication at the company’s new Sweden Street location. The move from Washburn to Caribou has allowed the company more space and better technical systems. ATX creates and markets software programs to help individuals, businesses and industries fulfill government filing requirements. More than 20,000 tax preparers, accounting firms and corporations use ATX programs to prepare tax returns.

Caribou marked balloon liftoff — The first solo transatlantic balloon flight took off 14 years ago on Sept. 14, 1984. Col. Joe W. Kittinger flew 3,535 miles from Caribou to Savona, Italy in his helium-filled balloon Rosie O’Grady’s Balloon of Peace. The balloon’s aim was France but crash landed in Savona after 84 hours due to wind. Kittinger broke his leg in the crash, but broke the then-distance record for a solo balloon flight. In recognition of the flight, the city of Caribou purchased an acre of land owned by Clilfford Longley to build a monument of the famous balloon built of fieldstone on Route 3, near Keaton’s Locks. Presently, in between the balloon are the Maine State Dirigo and the United States flags.