Ashland won’t have girls varsity basketball team this season due to low participation

3 months ago

ASHLAND, Maine —  Ashland will not have a girls  varsity high school basketball team competing in the 2023-2024 season because there are not enough players.

Four years ago, the boys varsity basketball team ran into similar issues with low player counts but were able to rebound, according to Ashland District School Athletic Director Dan Hodgins. He hopes the same will happen for the girls varsity basketball team.

Ashland District School currently has 32 female students from grades 9-12. Over the last several years, the school has seen a drop in the level of commitment from student athletes with the girls basketball program seeing a limited amount of success, according to Head Coach Diana Trams.

“It’s disappointing surely because being a part of a team is a beautiful and enriching experience,” Trams stated in an email. “I believe that to my core, otherwise, I wouldn’t be coaching.”

The Ashland District School will be focusing on the development of its recreation and middle school programs.

Trams will be the head coach of the middle school girls basketball team this year and wants to rebuild the basketball program from the middle school and up, she said.

Currently the middle school girls basketball team consists of 16 players from grades 6-8. Many of the younger players have been working on their skills throughout this year by attending local basketball camps over the summer.

“These young girls have a passion for the game and have been working on their skills throughout the year,” Trams said.

Last year’s record for the Ashland girls varsity basketball team was 9-11 after losing to Southern Aroostook in the quarterfinals of the Maine Principal Association Tournament.

Hodgins confirmed that there will be a boys varsity basketball season over the phone on Monday, Nov. 27.