Easton resident collects books for service project

17 years ago

White collects books
A message from the Easton High School National Honor Society chapter – Nathan White, Class of 2004 at Easton Jr/Sr High School and a former member of the Easton National Honor Society chapter, has been working on a service project for one of his classes at Bentley College, and he has asked for some help from the National Honor Society and the Easton community.

His goal is to gather a collection of 1,000 books to give to Teen LEEP, a non-profit organization giving youth in Massachusetts state custodial entrepreneurial experience in the management of a bookstore. To help Nathan in his quest of 1,000 books, we are asking the people in the community to bring used books to either the high school or elementary school.

    Boxes will be provided in all high school home rooms and in the elementary school. For more information about Teen LEEP, visit them on the Web at www.teenleep.org.
The Easton Field Days Committee is seeking a sponsor or sponsors who may be willing to help fund their annual fireworks show. This show has been a great addition to our annual festival but it is an expensive one to provide.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. The committee is also looking for a group who might be interested in taking over and organizing the annual sunrise breakfast. The Easton United Methodist Church has taken on this project for many years and has decided it is time for them to step down.  If there is a group in town who may be interested in taking on this fund-raiser, please call the Town Office at 488-6652.

Dawn and Fred Quelle and children, Ben and Katheryn, drove from their home in Iowa City, Iowa, to Easton week before last to spend several days with Dawn’s parents, Dottie and Duncan Beaton.
While here they got together with other members of their family and on Sunday, sister Debbie Quiod, husband, Tim, and children, Gabrella, Nicholas and Zachary, of Houlton, joined them for a family meal. Brother Mark Beaton, and daughter, Alyssa, also joined them as well as brother Chip, wife, Laurine, and children, Holly and C.J. Dawn and Fred are both doctors and each has their own lab where they work in Cancer Research at the University of Iowa Medical Center in Iowa City.

The Easton Jr./Sr. High School has recently put out their rankings for the past semester. Those from grade 7 who are on the Highest Honors are: Ariana Babineau, Jonah Bacon, Meghan Frank, and Holden Turner.  High Honors goes to: Danielle Dudley. Honors goes to: Amanda Dayringer and Sarah Plourde. Highest Honors in grade 8 is Sydney Trask. On High Honors: Jacob Bacon, Samantha Fuller and Taylor Lawrence. Honors goes to Zachray Clark. In grade 9, the Highest Honors students are: Katelyn Bennett, Lisa Dayringer, Luke Fuller and Anna Sherwood. High Honors goes to Corey White.
In the freshman class Samuel Bacon, Katrina Martin and Bradley Trask earned Highest Honors; and C.J. Beaton, Kilynne Beaulieu and Megan Bradley earned Honors.
For the sophomore class, Highest Honors went to Molly White, while Matthew Blodget earned Honors.
Seniors Leah Alexander, Kassie Lovely, Michelle Osgood and Briana White earned Highest Honors. Holly Beaton, Seth Cleaves, Tammy Dayringer, Laura Hopkins and Jacob King earned High Honors, with Denise Clark, Kendra Conroy and Abby Gray earning Honors.
We’ve got some smart kids in our little school.
Our congratulations also go out to those students at the University of Maine in Presque Isle who have attained a grade point average of 3.3 and named to the Honors List. They are Amy Barnes, Tyler Bradley, Elizabeth Eberhardt, Jenna Flint, Stephen Hopkins and Tessa Ireland.  

It is reported that Darrell Page may be able to leave the Aroostook Medical Center and come home in a few days if his health keeps on improving. Of course he will have to be isolated at home for some time so that he doesn’t contract another infection.