Helpful postal tips can ensure speedy service

17 years ago

To the editor:
The postal world is becoming very mechanized, the better you meet the standards of the machine, the faster your mail is delivered. Please follow this guideline to insure speedy and accurate delivery.
• Name
• Attention  c/o
• Physical address (building no., street name, apt. no.)
• P.O. Box
• Anytown, USA zip code  (on the same line)
The line above the city & state, (#4)- should be the delivery point : P.O. Box holder or rural delivery ( P.O. Box or number and street name). Postal machines read from the bottom up. The machines sort the letters accordingly and send to the P.O.
Bad addresses cost the Postal Service $1 billion annually in wasted productivity. Your cooperation will help reduce stamp prices.
Remember when you move to a new address, please supply the Postal Service with this information. Change of address (COA) cards can be obtained at the post office, from your carrier, or can be completed online at
To move without leaving a change of address, you may succeed in evading the bills, but  important and useful mail cannot be forwarded (for example W-2s, drivers license renewals, Christmas cards and wedding invitations.) Please put in a COA, when you or a family member move — you don’t know what you’re missing!
    This column was written by the Crown of Aroostook QWL-EI (Quality Work Life-Employee Incentives) workteam which cover U.S. Postal employees in central Aroostook County. There are six to eight QWL teams throughout the state.