Smith awarded Potato Queen crown

17 years ago

Several local queens competed for the coveted title of 2007 Miss Maine Potato Blossom Queen on Saturday, July 21. The pageant, was held before a packed house in the Fort Fairfield High School gymnasium.     The pageant was emceed by Shawn Murchison, who came to the podium wearing a straw sombrero, in honor of the pageant’s theme “2007 Royal Festival.”
Following Murchison’s entrance the contestants along with 2006 Maine Potato Queen Gabrielle Alyson Bowker did an opening salsa dance featuring maracas.


Competing for the title were: 2007 Miss Van Buren Lillian Morrow, the daughter of Marlene Levesque and David Morrow; 2007 Miss Fort Fairfield Katelyn Louise Enman, the daughter of Karen and Michael Enman; 2007 Miss Easton Brianna Lynn White, the daughter of Marchelle and Gregory White; 2007 Miss Mapleton Brianna Calabrese, the daughter of Rose Levasseur and Mike Calabrese; 2007 Miss Limestone Jenna Howard, the daughter of Judith and Jay Howard; 2007 Miss Caribou Katie Smith, the daughter of Christine and Mark Smith; 2007 Miss Greater Mars Hill Katelyn Field, the daughter of Kim and Alan Field and 2007 Miss Presque Isle Nicole Madeline Ballard, the daughter of Robin and Mark Demers and Paula and Patrick Ballard.
Contestants were judged based on an interview which occurred before the pageant, a physical fitness portion held during the pageant, a talent competition and the evening wear portion.
During the physical fitness portion of the pageant contestants modeled active or casual wear.
Contestants showed off an array of abilities during the talent portion of the competition. Morrow sang, “When You Say Nothing at All.” Enman performed a vocal piece, “Angels.” White performed a jazz dance to “Get Out of My Heart.” Calabrese performed a spirited rendition of “Zing Went the Strings of My Heart.” Howard played the guitar while singing, “Say It’s Possible.” Smith performed a jazz dance to “Orange Colored Sky.” Ballard sang “Life Song,” and Field performed, “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.”
Also providing entertainment during the pageant were the three reigning potato blossom queen’s, 2007 Little Miss Potato Blossom Molly Marie Anthony who performed a gymnastic dance routine that wowed the audience, 2007 Jr. Miss Potato Blossom Hannah Hebert who performed an excellent self choreographed dance routine and 2007 Miss Potato Blossom Gabrielle Alyson Bowker who performed a spirited salsa dance which fit with the pageant’s theme very nicely.

The evening wear competition was combined with an interview question. Interview questions focused on tourism in northern Maine and the potato industry.
Following this last portion of competition contestants performed a dance routine which they had composed themselves.
Afterward it was time to crown the winners. Winning awards for most photogenic as well as Miss Congeniality was White. Winning the title of 2nd Runner-Up was Morrow. Winning the title of Runner-Up was Enman and winning the title of 2007 Miss Potato Blossom Queen was Smith.
Smith can look forward to an exciting year based on outgoing queen, Bowker’s comments about her experiences over the past year.
“As I think back over the past year as Maine Potato Queen, I am reminded of the wonderful opportunities I have had,” said Bowker. During her time as Maine Potato Queen, Bowker visited the state capitol, represented the Maine Potato Industry at a number of functions and took part in community service projects.

Bowker also offered words of advice to Smith. “Remember, being a queen is more than a crown and a sash. You are representing your town, your county, your state. Be proud of your accomplishments. Take your responsibility seriously, and take full advantage of the many opportunities your title gives you,” said Bowker.