Citizens – take notice

17 years ago

To the editor:
It is without prompting or hesitation that I write this letter to help inform citizens of a little-known gem offered by the Presque Isle Police Department. The Citizen’s Police Academy is a 10-week program coordinated by Sgt. Mark Barnes offering an inside look at our law enforcement at work. I believe I speak on behalf of all class members that this program is something every citizen should take advantage of. This spring session of weekly three-hour sessions went by all too fast.

   Issues involving traffic enforcement, bloodhound tracking, domestic violence, search and seizure, narcotics detection, crime scene investigations, use of force, hate crimes and death investigations, OUI detection and testing, and drug use and prevention were professionally presented by Sgt. Barnes, Det. Sgts. Wayne Selfidge and Bill Scull, Officers Kevin Schumacher and Hunter, Shawn Newell and Rob Thibeault and Dozer – all on their time and without compensation.
I came away from this program with a better understanding of what is involved in police work and obtained a better insight into the long shifts, extra duty assignments, demands from the public, and the need for top notch education and training. More so, I had an opportunity to get to know this professional group of people on a personal basis and can better appreciate the services they offer our citizens.
The Citizen’s Police Academy is a great opportunity for the average citizen to get a chance to see behind the reinforced doors and windows into the workings of this department. I encourage everyone to take time and participate in the next session. Look for information later in the fall.

Bonnie L. Steeves
Presque Isle