Locally grown more appealing

17 years ago

To the Editor:
On a recent trip through Vermont, I noticed that every restaurant — from greasy spoon on up — wrote their menus in such a way as to promote Vermont products. There was never “syrup” on the menu, but “Vermont maple syrup.” Cheese was always Cabot Cheese, and King Arthur flour and baking products were ubiquitous. This made ordering and eating in local restaurants that much more appealing to those of us who are sick of the mass-produced food served in chain restaurants.
    It would not be difficult for local restaurants in Aroostook County to add locally grown and/or produced products to their menus, to alert their customers to the fact that local agriculture is being actively supported. In this day and age of generic anonymous everything, the idea of eating locally grown, locally made food is more and more appealing, not only to locals but also visitors. I think a restaurant that served ployes as a regular thing would be well received.

Kate McCartney
The Old Iron Inn B&B