Second horse show of summer held in Fort Fairfield

17 years ago

The Pine and Spurs Riding Club in Fort Fairfield held its second show of the season July 22. Following is the list of placings:
Bev McNeal with Tuff Stop-N-Us Now: first, Halter Mares; fourth, Adult Western Pleasure.
Sabrina Hardwick with Well Versed Imprint: third, Halter Mares.    Sabrina Hardwick with Zipped in Stone: first, Adult Showmanship; first, Adult English Pleasure; first, Adult English Equitation; third, Open Versatility; first, Adult Western Pleasure; second, Adult Horsemanship.
Lori Berube with Katahdin’s Dream: fourth, Halter Mares; fourth, Open Hunter Under Saddle; fifth, Open Hunter Over Fences; fifth, Adult English Pleasure; sixth, Adult English Equitation; first Open Parade Class; fourth, Adult Horsemanship; 3rd, Adult Trail; fifth, Open Command; third, Breakaway.
Jamie Hendrickson with Midnight Rose: fifth, Halter Mares; sixth, Open Hunter Under Saddle; third, Open Hunter Over Fences; sixth, Adult English Pleasure; fifth, Adult English Equitation; second, Open Parade Class; sixth, Adult Western Pleasure; second, Open Novice Pleasure; fourth, Open Command; third, Breakaway.
Allannah Orcutt with Moracres Olymi-Lace: third, Walk/Trot Pleasure; second, Walk/Trot Equitation; sixth, Youth Costume Class.
Shelly Esancy with Eternity is Reality: second, Halter Mares and Reserve Halter Horse.
Melissa Tompkins with Hot Flash Annie: sixth, Halter Mares; fifth, Youth Showmanship.
Morgan Bartlett with Morgan’s Merilight: sixth, Halter Geldings; sixth, Youth English Pleasure; fifth, Youth English Equitation.
Kim Cheney with Seas Olympic Gold: second, Halter Geldings; first, Open Appaloosa Halter; second, Adult Showmanship; third, Adult Western Pleasure; second, Open Appaloosa Western Pleasure; fifth, Adult Horsemanship.
Kori Kinney with Etched Invitation: fourth, Halter Geldings; second, Open Appaloosa Halter; third, Youth Showmanship.
Sydney Orcutt with Peanut: fifth, Halter Geldings; sixth, Youth Showmanship.
Caitlyn Esancy with This Deals Dun: fifth, Open Hunter Under Saddle; fourth, Youth English Pleasure; third, Youth English Equitation.
Sarah Tompkins with Mystery Token: third, Halter Geldings; fourth, Youth Showmanship; first, Open Novice Pleasure; first, Open Novice Equitation; second, Open Model Pleasure.
Tia Cowett with Bling It On Gold: first; Halter Geldings; fourth, Youth Western Pleasure.
Nicole Michaud with Mistys Pocahontas: first, Youth Showmanship; second, Youth English Pleasure, fourth, Youth English Equitation; first, Open Versatility; second, Youth Western Pleasure; first, Open Appaloosa Western Pleasure; second Youth Horsemanship; third, Youth Trail; first, Breakaway.
Alyssa Killcollins with Clipper: second, Youth Showmanship; first, Open Hunter Under Saddle; second, Open Hunter Over Fences; first, Youth English Pleasure; second, Youth English Equitation; second, Open Versatility; third, Youth Western Pleasure; first, Youth Horsemanship; first, Youth Trail; second, Open Command.
Searra Hebert with Tuff Stop-N-Us Now: third, Leadline Equitation; first, Leadline Pleasure.
Sydney Orcutt with Peanut: fourth, Leadline Equitation; third, Leadline Pleasure.
Anna Robinson with Koty: fifth, Leadline Equitation; fifth, Leadline Pleasure.
Meg Gagnon with Hot Flash Annie: sixth, Leadline Equitation; sixth, Leadline Pleasure.
Olivia Smart with Doc’s Missing Evidence: first, Leadline Equitation; fourth, Leadline Pleasure.
Matthew Geary with Chiefs Sonny Spirit: second, Leadline Equitation; second, Leadline Pleasure; sixth, Open Parade Class; fourth, Youth Costume Class.
Kori Kinney with Buff Cap Sierra: second, Open Hunter Under Saddle; fifth, Youth English Pleasure; first, Youth English Equitation; fourth, Open Parade Class; sixth, Open Command; first, Open Model Pleasure; first, Breakaway.
Kim Cheney with Etched Invitation: fourth, Adult English Pleasure; first, Open Appaloosa Pleasure; fourth, Adult English Equitation.
Tia Cowett with Whiskey Hill Chief: third, Open Hunter Under Saddle; third, Youth English Pleasure.
Emily Ala with Towerhill Mary O’Roo: first, Open Hunter Over Fences; third, Adult English Pleasure; second, Adult English Equitation; second, Adult Western Pleasure; first, Adult Horsemanship.
Victoria Plourde with Towerhill Mary O’Roo: fourth, Walk/Trot Pleasure; third, Walk/Trot Equitation.
Meghan Cole with Spud: fifth, Walk/Trot Pleasure; fifth, Walk/Trot Equitation.
Whitney Smart with El Seven Jim Bar: second, Walk/Trot Pleasure; fifth, Open Parade Class; fourth, Walk/Trot Equitation.
Samuel Geary with CR Skip N Time: first, Walk/Trot Pleasure; third, Open Parade Class; first, Walk/Trot Equitation; fifth, Youth Costume Class; first, Walk/Trot Poles.
Sue Pierce with Dansu Take Two: second, Adult English Pleasure; third, Adult English Equitation.
Caitlyn Esancy with Skylar: first, Youth Western Pleasure; third, Youth Horsemanship; second, Youth Trail; first, Open Command.
Clyde Geary with Chiefs Sonny Spirit: fifth, Adult Western Pleasure; first, Adult Trail; third, Adult Horsemanship; third, Open Command; second, Breakaway.
Camryn Ala with Towerhill Mary O’Roo: second, Youth Costume Class.
Megan Robinson with Koty: first, Youth Costume Class.
Karole Benoit with Lasso Levi: second, Adult Trail; third, Egg and Spoon; first, Simon Says; fifth, Stake Race; sixth, Pole Bending.
Jason Tapley with CH: second, Breakaway; fifth, Egg and Spoon; second, Simon Says; third, Keyhole; second, Stake Race; third, Cloverleaf Barrels; second Team Barrels.
Heather Hafford with Tamar: fourth, Breakaway.
Nikki Voisine with Red: fourth, Breakaway; second, Egg and Spoon; fifth, Stake Race; second, Team Barrels.
Randy Johnson with Smoke: fourth, Egg and Spoon; third, Simon Says; fourth, Keyhole; third, Stake Race; fourth, Cloverleaf Barrels; third, Pole Bending; first, Team Barrels.
Rachel Williams with Star Queen Bonnie: first, Egg and Spoon; fourth, Simon Says; second, Keyhole; first, Stake Race; second, Cloverleaf Barrels; fourth, Pole Bending; first, Team Barrels.
Rachel Williams with Jana Lee: sixth, Keyhole; fourth, Stake Race; sixth, Cloverleaf Barrels; fifth, Pole Bending.
Heather Hafford with Leo: fifth, Keyhole.
Rachel Williams with Star Eyed Tino: first, Keyhole; first, Cloverleaf Barrels; second, Pole Bending.
Jamie Hendrickson with Katahdin’s Dream: fourth, Cloverleaf Barrels.
Clyde Geary with CH: first, Pole Bending.
The final show of the season will be held at the Pine and Spurs Riding Club ring in Fort Fairfield on Sunday, Aug. 19.