Owl golfers begin play

16 years ago

There are many new faces on the UMPI men’s golf team this season.
Of the 13-member team, only five athletes are returning as veterans for coach Richard Ward’s 2007 squad. Matt Dubay is a junior from Lincoln, and is expected to be a leader for the Owls this season.   AJ Pennartz, a sophomore from Sumner, is a steady player with great confidence and a feel for the game. Mikeal Engstrom, a sophomore from Caribou, saw action in every tournament for UMPI as a freshmen.  He is a strong player for the Owls and has a big drive off the tee.
Brian Mullins, a sophomore from New Brunswick, Canada, is the hardest working player on the team. Coming into the season, Adam Bickford, a junior from Auburn, has been labeled as the most improved by his coach. Unfortunately, his playing time on the course will be limited due to academic commitments.
Though there are many first-year players, there is a lot of good talent and therefore, high potential forx great things to happen as the season progresses. The only academic senior, Eric Van Wieche from Prince Edward Island, is actually a first-year member of the Owls.
Paul Rucci, a freshman from Millinocket, has a great amount of talent and is a very exciting player to watch. Chad Phillips, a freshman from Dover Foxcroft, is a great athlete and a good golfer who is expected to improve as the season progresses. Tyler Sisson, a freshman from New Brunswick, Canada, is a left-handed player with good talent and maybe the best surprise to the team this season.
Chris Landry, a freshman from Truro, Nova Scotia, plays with enthusiasm and enjoys being a part of the team. Dan Rosenbush, a freshman from Dover Foxcroft, and Ryan Eagles, a freshman from New Brunswick, are both good athletes with high learning curves. Rounding out the Owl team is Dave Dekay, a freshman from Hiram.
The Owls are looking to build off last season’s success, and are excited to work hard and improve throughout the season.