Moms in springtime

15 years ago

To the editor:
    It’s a holiday week here in the People’s Republic. And it comes at a time when the acres of mud and dirt back home seem interminable. For the first time in many weekends it is warm enough to venture out in T-shirt and jeans. Hiding away in the apartments and homes of the cities are the new members of this species: Babies!     Now this is not your typical, “Where do Babies Come From?” title. The question which strikes fear in the hearts and minds of parents is actually rather mild in this country. For nearly four months, people have been locked into their apartments and homes. Now it’s time to burn the red flannel underwear and bring out the new youngsters.
    As I rode the old elevator down to the ground this morning, our passenger load tripled in a matter of moments. Growing out of the shoulders, crooked arms, and bags, were babies! Wearing the latest in bizarre high-level fashion accessories, sun hats and sun shades that they would not wear in their right mind, these new citizens look to all the world as cute and adorable as the spring lambs and puppies of home. We were also joined by two young kittens, a myna bird, and grandparents. All very cozy in a thin metal box that does nothing but go up and down.
    By the time this gets published Mother’s day will be looming. Cook’s and other florists are laying in new blooms and corralling drivers and flower wranglers for the onslaughts of guilty minds: Get mom some flowers! Here, while there are some flower delivery services the push for bouquets is only in its infancy. I live around the corner from a terrific flower shop and have picked up a large number of blooms at times. But the idea that hordes of orders come in for the latest lily and carnations arrangement remains elusive.
    It’s a joyous time as we celebrate the person who manages our social lives until we say enough! Who mends the scrapes and bruises or play, soothes frangled nerves, and, as we get older, answers the phone at two o’clock in the morning with the famous phrase “Mom, My car won’t start.” Of course, dad comes into the picture at this moment but usually its dear mom who gets the sleepy types moving.
    Well, I can not be home for Mom’s birthday. since most mothers are ageless this is probably a good thing. But its nice to know that we celebrate this moment in the spring when there is yet hope for a better future. You can even hear Mother Nature pulling her cloak of green and freshness around her shoulders, telling us to go out and play, and do not get too dirty because dinner is on the way.
    Happy Birthday Mom and Happy Mother’s Day!

Orpheus Allison
Shanghai, China