Our young people are not safe

16 years ago

To the editor:
    As you know, tragedy can happen in any home and to any family. Our young people are committing suicide at the highest in years. Illegal drug use is on the rise here in Aroostook County. When this tragedy happens it should be an eye-opener to everybody. We should do some thing about it. Remember it could be your grandson or granddaughter or son or daughter.     The police and drug enforcement are doing their best to fight this war. Now they need your help. Go to your town meetings and tell the town officials that you want the drug dealers and drug users out of your town and off the streets. Call or e-mail the Governor and tell him you want your town cleaned up!
    Tell the police that they are doing a good job — but they have to do better. Everyone knows who the drug dealers are, All it takes is one phone call to solve this problem. I also urge the churches to do what is right — start protecting our young people. The power starts with the Bible. It’ll take time for these families to heal, We wish them the best of luck.

Margaret Morin