That they shall not have died in vain

15 years ago

In a few short days we will once again go to the polls
It is the very least we can do to honor those that gave their all
In patriotic sacrifice, on far flung battle fields
For God and country for you and I, they answered to the call

And now when at last the tide is turning
There are those that would capitulate, would bring our troops home again
Concede that an evil force that under the guise of religion has won
Give them cart blanch to rule the world, God forbid that our sons and daughters
Have died in vain

It is true our economy is in shambles at the time
All too often it over rides the ongoing conflict
Now is one of those times that tries men’s souls
What will become of this our nation if the wrong candidate we pick
During WWII a general coined a phrase, “War is Hell!”
Worldwide there are millions that will attest, it is so true
If we pull out it will be Armageddon, 9-11 on a larger scale
Now we are there and should we pull out, they will relentlessly bring the battle
Here, to overcome the Red, the White, the Blue

Each day as we read of another fallen hero
Those near and some from away, with their families we share the pain
Do we fail to bend the knee and to our maker pray
That someday each member of our forces will safely come home again

In Arlington we see the crosses row after row
In little country cemeteries we find the markers of their final restHeroes all that we might be forever free
Many still washed with free flowing tears having lost the best of the best

In times like this our choice must be for the good of the country
Not someone eloquent in speech but rather one who is rich in experience
The horror of years in captivity, years of service in our nation’s capital
In times like this we need a leader, a man of common sense

At age eighty-four I fear for the future of this nation
We need a man of wisdom to lead us once again
One that is capable and capacious yet in league with the common man
Willing to give four more years of his life and prove to us, our heroes have not died
In vain

To those who are veterans and those now in the service of our nation
I hope that not even one will fail to vote in the coming election
The choice is yours, but I pray to God each of you will vote
For the good of the country and our comrades when you make your selection

As you see our flag fly free and unfurled
Be reminded time and time again
Since 1776 it has been that way because millions upon millions have given their all –
God bless them one and all, for they also have not died in vain
October 27, 2008
Winston P. Bartlett�