Old Town splashes ahead of Presque Isle

16 years ago

    The Presque Isle Swim team was out raced by a team of 63 swimmers on Dec. 13. The girls lost with a final score of Old Town 107, Presque Isle 58. The boys final score was Old Town 130, Presque Isle 32.     In the girls 200 yard medley relay: Allison Young, Erica Hemphill, Emilee Currie and Rilee Currie came in second (2:33.32). The boys 200 yard medley placed third with Jordan Francke, Cameron Winter, Stephen Goulet and Kyle Gilson.
    In the girls 200 yard freestyle, Divya Bisht placed third (3:18.06), Alecia Palmer placed fifth (3:36.72) and Ashley Burlock finished sixth (4:11.78). The boys 200 yard freestyle saw Ethan York in third (3:07.18) and Aaron Biggs in fourth (3:20.55).         In 200 individual medley, E. Currie placed second (3:07.83) and Winter placed fourth (3:01.98). For the girls 50 yard freestyle, Young came in first (30.78), R. Currie in third (33.31), Dara Raymond in fourth (33.80) and Burlock placed eleventh (49.50).     
    In the boys 50 yard freestyle, Gilson placed second (28.52), Warren Zubrick placed fifth (30.82), Josh Allen, seventh (37.11), Dusty Graham, eleventh (40.8) and Drew Long, twelfth (48.36).
    Hemphill qualified for states in the girls 100 yard butterfly with a time of 1:17.52. Winter placed third for the boys (1:26.37).
    In the boys 100 yard freestyle: Winter placed second (1:04.54), Francke, fourth (1:19.73), Biggs, sixth (1:21.15), Graham, seventh (1:37.61) and Drew Long, eighth (1:53.49).
    In 200 yard girls freestyle, Young, Hemphill, Adler and E. Currie all finished in first (2:03.89). For the boy’s 200 yard freestyle relay, Gilson, York, Winter and Zubrick placed third (2:04.55) and Long, Allen, Biggs and Graham came in fifth (2:45.28). Young placed second (1:22.47) and Adler, third (1:24.16) in the girls 100 yard backstroke.
    In the boys and girls 400 yard freestyle relay, York, Zubrick, Goulet and Francke (5:32.89) and Adler, Bisht, R. Currie and Raymond (5:21.75) placed fourth, respectively.
    The Wildcats compete again on Friday at Mount Desert Island against MDI and Hampden.