Presque Isle Country Club standings

15 years ago
Monday morning golf group uly 6

    First Place: Harold Soucy, Galen Cote, Dave Wheaton and Elton Thibodeau (+14). 

    Second Place: Elbridge Judkins, Herb Williamson, Don Chase and Mike Johnson (+12).
    Third Place: Ron Gartley, Sonny Pelletier, Norm Johnson and Bob Duprey (even).
    Top Five: Don Chase (+12), Dave Wheaton (+11), Ron Gartley (+9), Elbridge Junkins (+6), Elton Thibodeau (+3).
    Top Five Gross: Dave Wheaton (75), Dan Hotham (79), Ron Gartley (80), Harold Soucy (83), Jim Carter (86).
    Closest to pin: Sonny Pelletier (34 feet, 4 inches).

Men’s Twilight League results July 7

    Top 20 teams: Mike Calabrese and Gary Hughes (16-1/2), Harold Clark and Rod Leach (16), Mike Collins and Aaron Keirstead (16), Rod Mahan and Paul Stoddard (15-1/2), Bill Busse and Nick Straetz (15-1/2), Clayton Black and Moe Collins (15), Jim Humphrey and Jon Humphrey (15), Elbridge Judkins and Richard Maynard (15), Russ Bouchard and Eldon Levesque (15), John Murphy and Sonny Pelletier (14), Frank Marmanik and Allan Woollard (14), Bruce Carter and Ed Maynard (14), Mike Johnson and Al Leach (13-1/2), Greg Hallett and Jordan Hallett (13-1/2), John Cole and Bob Eager (13-1/2), Peter Coffin and George Watson (13), Mike Samon and Steve Sweetser (13), A. J. Cloukey and Gary Nadeau (13), Ron Gartley and Bob Miller (13), Randy Hitchcock and Larry Rouse (12-1/2).
    Low scores: Chris Coffin (34), Curt Culberson (36), Aaron Keirstead (36), Peter Coffin (36), Spencer Deschene (36), Larry Rouse (37), Ryan Graves (37),    Dan Hotham (39), Gary Hughes (39), Clayton Black (39), Jon Humphrey (39).
    Closest to pin #8: Harold Clark, 11 feet,  1/4 inch.
    Closet to pin #16: Bill Busse, 15 feet, 8-1/2 inches.

Club Championship Flight A matches

    Chris Coffin defeats Jon Humphrey, 4 and 3; Ralph Michaud defeats George Watson, 5 and 4.

President’s Cup matches

    Dave Wheaton defeats Harold Soucy, 3 and 2; Charlie Violette defeats Kevin Giles, 6 and 5.

Ladies Twilight League results July 6

    Top 10 teams: Nancy Carvell and Alexis Madore (17), Sandra Carter and Betty Deveau (15-1/2), Mileah Brown and Darlene Higgins (15-1/2), Francine Soucy and Margaret Violette (15), Joan Lothrop and Jean Townsend (11-1/2), Wanetta Busse and Myrna McKeen (11), Ann Sirois and Dianne Robertson (9-1/2), Kathy Maynard and Lori Keirstead (9); Jennifer Flynn and Sandra Bartley (7-1/2), Nita Theriault and Priscilla Phillips (7).
    Low scores: Marie Waddell (42), Alexis Madore (43), Betty Deveau (44), Francine Soucy (44), Mileah Brown (45), Ann Sirois (47), Susan Black (47), Darlene Higgins (48), Kathy Maynard (48).

Powerade Junior League July 5

    First place: Team Mickelson, +5 (Liam Hughes, Stephanie Winslow, R. J. Gross, Jason Bartley and John Saucier).
    Second place: Team Tiger, +6 (Jenna Hallett, Tyler Levesque, Carter LaPointe and Hunter Flynn).
    Third place: Team Sergio, +6 (Josh Gordon, Alex Hemphill, Trevor Levesque, Karson Eaton and Grace Player).
    Long drive: Josh Gordon.
    Longest putt: Carter LaPointe.