Dean’s List

15 years ago
Targonski receives academic honors from Clark University

    Alisha Targonski of Monticello has been named to second honors on the Clark University Dean’s List in Worcester, Mass. This selection marks outstanding academic achievement during the Spring 2009 semester.
    Targonski was a member of Clark University’s Class of 2009. She is a graduate of Houlton High School.


    Alison Reece, Houlton, Nadine Byers, Linneus and Michaela Blow, Littleton have been named to the UMF Spring semester Dean’s List.

NMCC High Honors (3.85-4.0)

    Jonathan P. McQuarrie, Houlton, Kimberly S. Wright, New Limerick and Audrey R. Charette. Smyrna Mills.

NMCC  (3.20-3.84)

    Jessica E. Gal, Jennifer R. Holcombe and Brock M. Kingsbury, Bridgewater; Tammy L. Smith, Danforth, Sharon M. Philbrook, Hodgdon; Darrell W. Barton Sr., Leah A. Bates, Amy M. Blanchard, Aaron J. Cyr, Richard D. Michaud, Natalia A. Mowrey, Damon L. Stone, and Tammy L. Tompkins, Houlton; Christina J. Schmidt, Island Falls; Mitchell J. Small, Oakfield; Casey M. Savage, Sherman; Michael J. Folsom, Smyrna and Clarissa L. Gallagher, Stacyville.

NMCC Part-Time High Honors (3.85-4.0)

    *Stacey L. Bubar, Houlton; Theresa L. Duff and Jerica L. O’Bar, Linneus and *Melody M. Turner, Upper Woodstock. * students achieved perfect 4.0.

NMCC Part-Time (3.20-3.84)

    Jennifer L. Cloney and Wanda E. White-Ouellette, Houlton and Danielle M. Hipsley, Linneus.


    Named to the honors list which designates a grade point average of 3.3 or higher are Laura Long, Blaine; Tory Bradbury, Megan DeLong, Logan McCarthy, Ashlee Pryor and Megan Pryor, Bridgewater; Michael Gibbs, Hammond; Desiree Ellis, Kelly Larson, Jennifer Lunn and Collette Sloat, Hodgdon; Crystal Cummings, Michael Dewitt, Jill Drew, Tyler Hutchinson, Lacey O’Donnell, Kimberly Pratt, Natasha Ritchie, Jennifer Roshto, Jennifer Tozier and Landon York, Houlton; Brian Korhonen and Adam Miles, Littleton; Sarah Ryan, Ludlow; Hayley Jipson, Monticello; Reba Anderson, Mount Chase; Samantha Tarr, New Limerick; Suzanne Greenlaw, Oakfield; Dylan Harris, Patten; Laura O’Brien, Sherman and Kaylea Collier, Smyrna Mills.
Worscester Polytechnic Institute
    The dean of undergraduate studies of WPI has recognized Jesse A. Lane as an outstanding student at WPI. “Engaged in extremely rigorous projects and class work, Lane rose to the challenge and performed at the highest level.”
    Lane made the dean’s list for C and D terms for the 2008-09 academic year. Lane will be a senior at WPI in the fall and is majoring in civil engineering. He is working in New Jersey for the summer as an intern with Kiewitt Construction.