At 100, isn’t she a Pearl?

15 years ago
By Barbar Scott
Staff Writer

    Every day is somebody’s birthday, but it isn’t every day somebody celebrates their 100th birthday. On July 22, Pearl Terrier, a longtime resident of Limestone, did just that.   

ImageAroostook Republican photo Barb Scott
    Rep. Bernard Ayotte left, and Rep. Peter Edgecomb recently presented  birthday congratulations from the 124th State of Maine Legislature and from President Barack and First Lady Michelle  O’Bama to Pearl Terrier, in honor of her 100th birthday.

    Mrs. Terrier celebrated her remarkable milestone birthday with help from a large number of family members and friends at the Presque Isle Nursing and Rehab Center.
    The daughter of Almond and Nellie Allen, Mrs. Terrier was born in Westfield. She married Robert Terrier and moved to Fort Fairfield in 1944, later becoming a resident of Limestone. The Terriers raised seven children and she now has 19 grandchildren, 24 great-grandchildren and ten great-great grandchildren.
    Greeting her guests with a big smile and laughs, Pearl patiently posed for many photos, one very special one depicting six generations, in which she held her great-great granddaughter.
    Beside the excitement of seeing many of her family members who no longer live close enough to visit frequently and enjoying a full fledged buffet luncheon, Mrs. Terrier was also honored by two special guests Reps. Peter Edgecomb and  Bernard Ayotte.
    Rep. Ayotte presented Mrs. Terrier with Sentiment on behalf of the members of the 124th Legislature, which was read to the honoree and her guests.
    Rep. Edgecomb next read and extended a congratulatory birthday letter signed by President Barack O’Bama and First Lady Michelle O’Bama.
    It is a well-known fact that over the years, Pearl Terrier, has always enjoyed playing  cards and bingo, going to the horse races and spending time on Long Lake. One other well-known fact is that she is an avid Red Sox baseball fan and she continues to try and not miss one of their games.
    So, it was the “icing on the cake,” when her grandson  Dennis presented her with an official birthday card and packet from the Red Sox front office. Since David Ortiz is her favorite player, the Sox fan was extremely pleased when she was handed his official player photograph. Also part of the special packet was a bit of earth from Fenway Park and her own game schedule.
    The lovely lady, now 100 years of age, seemed to take all the excitement in stride, tried not to miss speaking with any of her guests and saw humor in her 100th birthday pin she sported.
    Happy birthday Pearl — we should all be so gracious.


Contributed photo
  Not only did Pearl Terrier, center, recently celebrate her 100th birthday, she also had a chance to have a six-generation photo taken during her milestone birthday party. Mrs. Terrier is holding her great-great granddaughter, six-week old Olivia Pearlynn Sprano, at left is Olivia’s mother Sarah Smith and her Aunt Sammy Smith is at right. In back are, from left: Linda Caulkins, great-grandmother  and Randy Smith, grandmother.







Image    A copy of birthday greetings from President Barack and First Lady Michelle O’Bama. 









Image    In honor of her 100th birthday Pearl Terrier received a special card from the Red Sox organization along with a photograph of her favorite player, David Ortiz and her own little bit of the field from Fenway Park.