Challenge Series down to 3 races

15 years ago

Labor Day Race in Caribou is finale of 8-race event

    The July 18 Potato Blossom 5 Miler road race marked the fifth of eight County Challenge Road Race Series races completed for 2009. 

    With three remaining series races, the age group and overall division leaders are making themselves known.
    Marie Strouse is the women’s leader with 42 points and is followed by Angela Ewings (34) and Rene Laliberty (32).
    The men’s division has PJ Gorneault of Caribou leading with 39 points with Alfred Hanscom of Presque Isle at 31 and Evan Graves of Caribou in third spot with 24 points.
    Age group leaders in the women’s division include: 14 and under: Kendra Stephens leading with 22 points, followed by Jordann Coiley (18) and Alexis Coiley (15);  15-18: Hannah Saunders (29), Kelly Kashian (18) and Mary-Jo Sheehan (16); 19-29: Marie Strouse (44), Susan Plissey (27), and Elise Flemmings (14); 30-39: Rene Laliberty (44), Michelle Roy (36), and Chanon Bond (11); 40-49: Angela Ewings (44), Linda Mountain (27), and Frances Prest and Brenda Bailey tied for third (25); 50-59: Connie McLellan (33), with Linda Self and Terry Campbell tied for second (9); 60 and over: Ruth Hare and Darlene Higgins tied for first place (11).
    For the men, age group leaders are:  14 and under: Trevor Levesque and Tyler Strid tied for first place (35), followed by Dillon Beckum in third (17); 15-18:  Jake Michaud (24), with Timothy Freme and Logan Thibeau tied for second (22); 19-29: Evan Graves (31), Jordan Powers (24), and Shawn Berry (20): 30-39:  Alfred Hanscom (44), PJ Gorneault (40), and Thomas Beckum and Judson Cake tied for third (22); 40-49: Jeff Ashby (44), Brent Bailey (28), and Richard Cleary (22); 50-59: Chris Smith (38), Leo Kashian (22), and Brent Jepson (13); 60-69: Don Zillman (40), Larry Tonzi (22) and Waldo Libby (11);  70 and over: Art Thompson in first place (33).

    The remaining three series races and contact persons are the Aug. 1  Island Falls Summer Fest 5K (John Walker, 463-3344), the Aug. 8 County Open Half-Marathon and Relay (John Walker, 463-3344), and the Sept. 7 Caribou Labor Day 5 Miler (Chris Smith, 768-9472). 
    The season finishes up with the 27th annual Aroostook Musterds awards being presented on Oct.18 during a day of activity and a pot luck meal to be held at the Nordic Heritage Sport Club in Presque Isle.