Presque Isle Country Club results

15 years ago
Couples Night
July 10

    Scramble: low gross,  Charles and Margaret Violette, Elton and Caroline Thibodeau, 29; low net: Clayton and Susan Black, Greg and Jennifer Hallett, 20. 

Parent-child tournament
July 11

    Alternate shot: junior-junior division, Michael and Karson Eaton, 53 (9 holes); junior division, Bryce and Evan Waddell, 76 (18 holes).

Powerade Junior League
July 12

    First place: Team Mickelson, +3 (Liam Hughes, Stephanie Winslow, R. J. Gross, Jason Bartley and John Saucier).
    Second place: Team Tiger, +4 (Jenna Hallett, Tyler Levesque, Carter LaPointe and Hunter Flynn).
    Third place: Team Sergio, +6 (Josh Gordon, Alex Hemphill, Trevor Levesque, Karson Eaton and Grace Player).
    Long drive: Carter LaPointe.
    Putting contest: Liam Hughes.

Monday morning golf group
July 13

    First Place: Dave Steele, Nick Straetz, Norm Johnson and Bob Lewandowski (+10).
    Second Place: Jim Carter, Don Chase, Gerald Clark and Elton Thibodeau (+9).
    Third Place: Al Condo, Vince Bernier and Dan Hotham (+8).
    Top Five: Don Chase (+9), Nick Straetz (+7), Harold Soucy (+5), Bob Lewandowski (+5), Gerald Clark (+4).
    Top Five Gross: Dan Hotham (75), Charlie Violette (79), Harold Soucy (81), Ron Gartley (83), Dave Steele (83).
    Closest to pin: Bob Lewandowski (18 feet, 3 inches).

Ladies Twilight League results
July 13

    Top 10 teams: Nancy Carvell and Alexis Madore (19), Sandra Carter and Betty Deveau (17-1/2), Mileah Brown and Darlene Higgins (17-1/2), Francine Soucy and Margaret Violette (17), Wanetta Busse and Myrna McKeen (13), Ann Sirois and Dianne Robertson (9-1/2), Jennifer Flynn and Sandra Bartley (9), Kathy Maynard and Lori Keirstead (9); Nita Theriault and Priscilla Phillips (7); Amy Goulet and Paula Giles (7).
    Low scores: Alexis Madore/Nancy Carvell (35), Sandra Carter/Betty Deveau (36), Mileah Brown/Darlene Higgins (37), Francine Soucy/Margaret Violette (40).
    Closest to pin #8: Margaret Violette, 9 feet, 3 inches.

Ladies Day
July 14

    Game of the day: N.O.S.E. Winner: Joan Lothrop, 40 points; low gross: Joan Lothrop and Kathy Maynard, 94; low net: Pat Rathbun, 70; fewest putts: Joan Lothrop, 30; closest to pin #16, Joan Lothrop, 10 feet, 2 inches.
    Bridge: high, Lynn Walton; second, Mary MacBride; low, Louise Findlen.

Men’s Twilight League results
July 14

    Top 20 teams: Clayton Black and Moe Collins (18), Mike Collins and Aaron Keirstead (18), Harold Clark and Rod Leach (17-1/2), Mike Calabrese and Gary Hughes (17-1/2), Russ Bouchard and Eldon Levesque (17), Bill Busse and Nick Straetz (17), Elbridge Judkins and Richard Maynard (16-1/2), Bruce Carter and Ed Maynard (16-1/2), Jim Humphrey and Jon Humphrey (16), Ron Gartley and Bob Miller (16), Greg Hallett and Jordan Hallett (15-1/2), Rod Mahan and Paul Stoddard (15-1/2), Mike Johnson and Al Leach (15-1/2), Mike Samon and Steve Sweetser (15), John Murphy and Sonny Pelletier (15), Steve Condon and Bruce Sargent (15), A. J. Cloukey and Gary Nadeau (14-1/2), John Cole and Bob Eager (14-1/2), Frank Marmanik and Allan Woollard (14-1/2), four teams tied with 14.
    Low scores: Chris Coffin (34), Spencer Deschene (35), Eldon Levesque (37), Steve Condon (37), Harold Soucy (38), Peter Coffin (38), Curt Culberson (38), Greg Hallett (39).
    Closest to pin #8: Randy Hitchcock, 12 feet,  9 inches.
    Closet to pin #16: Mike Calabrese, 7 feet, 8 inches.