Don’t sweat the temps

14 years ago

  CARIBOU, Maine — While temperatures in the mid to high 80s have just helped some Aroostook County residents thaw out from the record-breaking winter of ‘08, others have been throwing around the term ‘heat wave’ and are wondering when The County will return to typical seasonal temperatures.
“Based on the current National Weather Service definition, current temperatures wouldn’t be considered a heat wave,” Mike Cantin, warning coordination meteorologist at the National Weather Service office in Caribou.
The highest temperatures recorded for July 7 was set in 1982, when the mercury rose to 93 degrees.
Aroostook County summers generally accumulate a few days in the mid-to high-80s, but what makes the recent weather unique is the fact that the high temperatures and humidity will have lasted for almost a week by the time temperatures subside with the arrival of a cold front on Friday.
While Friday’s cold front may offer Aroostook County a break from the heat, it brings with it potential for heavy rains and sets the scene for possible localized flash flooding.