Cruisers list Show ‘n Shine winners

14 years ago

    The North Country Cruisers sponsored a Show ‘n Shine during Houlton’s State Agricultural Fair. The winners of each category are as follows:
    70s cars: first, Anthony Crest, 1972 Ford Ranchero; second, Raymond MacAvoy, 1974 Chevy Nova and third, Mike Murchie, 1973 Camaro Z28.
    80s cars: first, Percy Cochran, 1982 Trans Am and second, Ben Murchie, 1986 Pontiac Firebird.
    90s to present cars: first, Bunny O’Brien, 2008 Challenger; second, Randy Mulherin, 2002 Monte Carlo and third, Curtis Henry, 1991 Z28.
    Special Interest: first, Brent Cyr, 1961 Willys pickup; second, Dell Hastey, 1948 Ford and third, George Pettit, 1954 Willys Sta Wag.
    Mustangs: first, Malcolm Ford, 2005 Mustang GT; second, Ian Oakley, 2003 Mustang GT and third, Wayne Burns, 2000 Mustang GT.
    Street Rods: first, Pam Oakes, 1939 Chevy Coupe; second, Frank Hamilton, 1923 Ford Roadster pickup and third, Kamron Somas, 1934 Roadster.
    Muscle Cars: first, Randy O’Brien, 1969 Nova SS; second, Raymond Carmichael, 1966 GTO and third, Floyd Foster, 1972 Nova.
    Pickups 1972 and older: first, Mitchell Curry, 1966 Chevy C10; second, Dabby Samos, 1941 Dodge and third, Leigh Long, 1950 Chevy.
    Pickups 1980 to the present: first, Robert Russell, 2003 Chevy Silverado; second, Jeff Swimm, 1988 Chevy Silverado and third, Logan Quint, 2005 GMC Sierra.
    Corvettes: first, Steve Guiggey, 1977; second, Terry Wade, 1966 Stingray and third, Louis Bone, 1989.
    Antiques to 1949: Ken Stanke, 1947 Chrysler.
    50s cars: first, Wayne Crosby, 1955 Bel Air; second, Carl Duff, 1951 Studebaker and third, Gordon Mitchell, 1957 Ford.
    60s cars: first, Sonny Hornbrook, 1964 Chevy SS; second, Ken Smith, 1965 Impala and third, Rick Tarr, 1967 Chevy Chevelle.
    Motorcycles: first, Josh and Ryann Botting, 2002 Custom Chopper; second, Fred Lindsay, 2006 Harley Ultra Classic and third, Chris Smith, 2008 Suzuki.
    Sports Compact: first, Sheldon Simon, 1995 Dodge Neon and second, Ryan Grant, 1989 Escort.
    Tractors: Dell Hastey, 1941 John Deere.
    People’s Choice: O’Brien.
    Best Paint: Russell.
    Best Interior: O’Brien.
    Best of Show: Russell.
    Longest Distance: Russell.