Community Notebook

14 years ago

Ricker Rumblings
by Lois Downing

Another beautiful Sunday and the outlook for the weather is super. It’s always a common topic — the weather. But wasn’t the rain this week so welcome? Apologies to Michael Nealey, nephew of Doris Hogan, whose name appeared in my last Ricker Rumblings’ column as Healy. Michael has been busy and has left now for his home in Beverly, Mass. He is missed.
Paul Phelan of Westbrook was an overnight visitor. Paul made a trip to Caribou to see his sister-in-law and nephew, Mavis and Michael Phelan and then drove to Baileyville, where he met with some of his ex-students at a reunion.
Dean Richardson has a motorized wheelchair (free). Anyone interested? Please see Dean in Apartment 118, (or give him a call at 532-3579).
Yvonne Blake was hospitalized as the result of her fall in the park during Potato Feast Days. Yvonne won first place in the potato salad contest. She is home now at Lee Apartments.
Doris Hogan and nephew Michael Nealey were in Presque Isle to witness the balloon festival on Friday. Possibly there were other Hogan friends or neighbors with them. They had a great day!
Bill Cogswell from New York and with his sisters, Norma Bates, Lavina Byron, and Gerry Dunn attended on Friday in Hodgdon a church supper. Norma exclaimed “lots to eat and good desserts.” This family plans something each day—and they really represent a family unit. I love to see them come and go.
Do you read the comics? I do and enjoy them. Had a girlfriend who didn’t read them. When we were kids, my father used to hide the funnies when he brought them home on Saturday (I always could find them). We had to eat our dinner first! Just a little nostalgia, if you would please. Speaking of comics, “Beetle Bailey,” one of my favorites, is 60 years old now! Doesn’t time fly, as the saying goes.
Jane Hughes is a volunteer at Houlton Regional Hospital. She is very dependable and helps her mother, Joyce Hughes, when necessary.
Alfred McCluskey, another volunteer at HRH, had an interesting three days in Massachusetts August 21. He met up with his sister Kathryn from Quincy, MA. Al reveals that it took one hour to go two blocks, (traffic tie-ups’). Here is a list of other expanses: $30/00, parking fees, $52.00 ball ticket, $6.25 for soda, $4.75 for hot dog. Al saved his money—have never been in Fenway Park as many times as my husband, Dr. Milton Downing, took the Little Leaguers. Boy, I hope the Red Sox won that game, Al.
Had a chance to attend and view the apartment complex downtown, called Market Square. A friend accompanied me to see Florence Nason’s on the second floor, as they were friends. Florence’s name was written and picture too in the last issue of the Houlton Pioneer Times”, about the apartment house and she had nearly completed her move. It was a wonderful sight to see and view the downtown from the Market Square complex.
“A Quick Journey through the Bible,” is the title of our Tuesday, August 31 beginning when we meet at the parish center at St. Mary of the Visitation Church. If you are interested in a bible class at this time, please call 532-2871 or appear at the class at 6 o’clock.
Hope the new classes for all community schools are going well, since the startup of school bells. The summer passes so quickly, some children are ready for school while others are not.
While on the way out one day, I spied Martin Thibodeau working on the apartment next door. It was nice to see Martin. Missed wife Muriel as she was around earlier when I was out of state.
Guardian angels—through strife or storm or darkest night, my angel is there to show me her light.
Have a wonderful week everybody and keep well.
Island Falls news
By Riva Hawkes
I recently heard from Dick and Claudette DeLong and they tell me that they are now back in Brooksville, Fla. after spending a few weeks with their daughter, Carol, in Massachusetts after leaving the Island Falls area in the middle of August.
I have just discovered that I made a horrible mistake when reporting the Pettengill family picnic a couple of weeks ago. Reported that Mary was Eric Pettengill’s daughter when actually she is Mrs. Eric Pettengill so I humbly apologize and, Eric, it won’t happen again. Also attending that family picnic was Herbert Pettengill, from Oleans, Mass. and who always spends several weeks at his cottage on Lower Mattawamkeag Lake every year. Mr. and Mrs Phillip Desmond, Matthew and Lindsay Desmond, Mr. and Mrs Ted Hartin and Wyatt, Kathryn Watson, Steve and Michelle Desmond and Evan have all been in Santa Cruz, Calif. recently to attend the wedding of Stephanie Desmond, daughter of Phil and Belinda Desmond to Brian Hiatt. They enjoyed a weeks visit and while there toured the surrounding area which included seeing the giant redwood trees.
I have now discovered that I have a great influx of birds in my feeders, possibly do to the very dry weather and not much for them to find to eat. And the big black crows are in my back yard every day. I saw two of them scrapping over what one had, think it was a worm as when he flew off it was dangling from his beak.
My swimming friend, Doris, has a chipmunk that lives near her camp and she has been putting out a few sunflower seeds for him, which he promptly devours when he shows up. Had the good luck to be looking out my back window one morning and there was the doe and her two fawns way down by the woods. They worked their way up towards the house munching on the leaves of various growth on the way, then they were off in to the woods.
Happy Losers in Island Falls
By Shirley Sides
On Aug. 25th the Happy Losers held their weekly meeting at the Congreational Church vestry in Island Falls.
Our leader, Jackie Pratt opened the meeting with our pledge and roll call.    We had nine ladies weigh-in and attend our meeting.
Winnie Desmond was the loser of the week, and Annie Jane Smith was runner-up.  Great job ladies!
The secretary gave her report for the and our treasuer was absent due to family matters.
We have a new contest that will end Sept 29th. The teams are called Cortlands and Duchess. Six on each team.
Jackie Pratt was the loser for the months of July and August.
Riva Hawkes led the program for the week. Her topic was an article on Liquid Candy.  Meetings are always interesting and informative.
Please feel welcome to our group every Wednesday, weigh-ins at 8 to 8:45 a.m. Meeting starts at 9 a.m. Call 365-4884 for more information.
by Lois Downing
Take Off Pounds Sensibly, Chapter 0233, of Houlton met at the Aldergate building on High Street for its Friday, August 27 meeting.
Joyce Estey is leader and conducted the meeting. All of the ladies gave their pledges and losses or gains. Sixteen TOPS ladies were weighed and six KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly).
Betty Ivey was the loser of the week with Jackie Reinzo as runner-up. Gerry MacAfee and Janette Nelson were two of the ladies having great losses over the past weeks.
Linda Bartlett was the winner of the skinny dish. She also led us in exercises, some were different that the previous ones we’ve been doing. Good job, Linda.
The contest person announced the winners of the last contest: Janette Nelson, winner and Dale Holden as runner-up. They received four weeks’ free of dues. The contest person is starting another contest, road race running for four weeks. Charlotte Marley is one of the captains.
Melva Folsom, in charge of charms, gave Brenda Lacostic her charm for April, May and June. Janice Cote, chapter representative, wrote to our chapter and Joyce read the letter pertaining to a workshop in Fort Kent, September 11. Joyce also explained contest rules about a publicity contest starting soon.
Discussion was held on meeting for Labor Day weekend and the majority of the group decided it was best to meet.
Charlotte Marley distributed booklets entitled “Talking with your Doctor,” containing much information pertinent to our group. Time was given for those who wanted to give input and tips about their weight and how they are managing their life losing weight. Some of the ladies who spoke were Janette Nelson, Betty Ivey, Maureen Bird, Charlotte Marley, Donna Parent, Joyce Estey, Linda Bartlett and Dale Holden. Linda emphasized how she is making bread with a new bread mixer—chocolate is the ingredient for pumpernickel bread! (Some guessed molasses.) Did you know that?
The next meeting will be Friday, Sept. 3. We meet at 8-8:45 a.m. for weigh-in; the meeting begins at 9 o’clock and ends an hour later. For information on the chapter, you may call Betty Ivey at 532-9653 or Charlotte Marley at 757-8483. All persons are welcome—young, old, seniors, in-between, teens and we welcome them.
Patten Seniors gather
by Mary Lawler
The Patten Sr. Citizens met at Meadowbrook Manor on Aug. 17 with nine members present.
The Lord’s Prayer was said in unison by the members before the potluck meal.
After the meal, the business meeting was opened by President Annette Noyes, who also led the flag salute.
Secretary and treasurer reports were read and accepted.
A card was signed and sent to Bob Morrarty.
A reading was done by Jackie Palmer.
The birthday cake was made by Jackie Palmer.
For the next meeting on September 7, a picnic in the park is planned. Please bring a bag lunch.
Members present: Mary Lawler, Gloria Noyes, Nettie Shorey, Rubenia Botting, Jackie Palmer, Joyce Harvey, Annette Noyes, Barbara Porter and Marge Heath.