Improved NECAP scores

13 years ago

By Loreen Wiley
    In an effort to motivate students to do their best on the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) in October 2011, Mrs. Wiley, principal at Mill Pond School, told the students she would be offering significant prizes to those who improved or maintained their individual scores from the previous year. The reason why some students were allowed to simply maintain their scores is because they already were in the Proficient with Distinction category and may have already achieved high scores.
    The names of students whose last two digits in the NECAP scores were the same or higher than last year were entered into a drawing. The first digit in the three digit score is indicative of the student’s grade level. Students’ names were entered for each of the content areas in which the student was tested.
    Students in the third grade did not take the NECAP last year, so their names were entered in the drawing if they scored at a Proficient level or above.
    There was a drawing at each grade span.
    Winners for the 3-5 grade span were ($100) Morgan Barrows, ($100) Amelia Ivey, ($50) Savannah Underwood, and ($50) Skylar DeHahn. The winners in grades 6-8 were ($100) Jasmine St. Peter, ($100) Micayla Fitzpatrick, ($50) Jordyn Merritt, and ($50) Dylan Schillinger.