Poems by Presque Isle Middle School sixth-grade students (2)

13 years ago

Thump, Thump

By Lacy Condon
Grade 6
I look up at the yellow-orange sun,
Thump, thump, Thump, thump,
I feel the slightest breeze and capture the moment
Because it will be the only breeze I will get.

Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I hear my sneakers hit against the hot, baking pavement
And want to study the rhythm
To make me run faster.
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I wipe the sweat off of my forehead.
I want to stop,
But I don’t
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I keep running.
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I check my stopwatch:
Nine minutes and thirty-four seconds.
All of a sudden,
I become very thrilled because I have run 3 1/2 miles.
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
That is a new record for me,
And so I gain confidence
And pick up my pace.
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I think, as I near the finish line.
I pick up my pace even more.
Thump, thump, Thump thump,
I brush past two girls
And beat one girl by just a toe.
I got 4th place!
Thump, thump, Thump thump.


Wildcats rule!

By Noah Garrison
Grade 6
Perfect winners,
In competition,
Middle school students,
So they are pretty young.
Who cares?
I don’t.
Like the high schoolers only younger.
Don’t anger the Wildcats!
Cause they are the best,
Super awesome!


A sporting poem

By Victoria Williamson
Grade 6
Sports are fun.
Sports are cool.
I do a lot of sports
At my school.
Soccer, basketball,
Skiing too;
I’m still trying to decide
Which spring sport to do.
Which is my favorite,
You might say?
Basketball, basketball,
All the way!
Practice, practice,
Practice some more,
Don’t always worry
About the score.
Be aggressive,
Fight for the ball,
Coach Wheaton and Mcatee
Taught me it all.
Don’t get too carried away
With the sport outbursts
You should always remember
That school work comes FIRST!
Give it a try,
You may like it too,
It is up to you to
Decide what to do.
I’m proof that you
Can do it all
Just focus, work hard,
And have a “ball”!


Violence Surrounds You

Violence surrounded you veterans,
Each day after day, it didn’t stop.
Tears ran down your cheeks, but you stayed strong for your country.
Every time fellow friends fell, so did the tears and hearts
of their loved ones.
Remember that our faith and hope were with you
on the battlefield.
All of us here supported you and hoped we would get you back safe
and sound.
Nothing is standing in our way, may you come home today.
Start to hear cheering and clapping at your arrival at home
By: Madison Postell
Grade 7
Presque Isle Middle School


PIMS Wildcats

By Sarah Morneault
Grade 6
Scholarships are awesome
Classes are interesting
Hollering isn’t tolerated
Over achievement is greatly appreciated
Oval, squares, triangles, and trapezoids are shapes
Learning is a necessity.
Reading, math, and science are my favorite subjects
Understanding what you read is important
Leaving or quitting school isn’t good
Evaluate your choices and choose good decisions
School sports have surprising turnouts.


Sportsmanship has many facets

By Grant Bridges

Grade 6
Sportsmanship is the best thing of all!
Put a good effort in all games!
Or respect others and yourself.
Running can help you win games and help you get better at a sport.
To win a game is to play your best and to not make fun of somebody.
Support your teammates and be fair.
Make the best of every game!
As you’re playing, think on the positive side of all the games!
Never think negative or say negative of the game.
Sometimes you make a good play and you feel good.
Hustle on and off the field, no matter what!
In your hear, you feel you’re doing your best and you’re the best one out there!
Put a good attitude in the game!


Wildcat hockey plays hard, but with sportsmanship

By Amy Seeley
Grade 6
Everyone cheers as their blades hit the ice ……….. this is a Presque Isle High School Wildcat hockey game ……. they aren’t scared of their competitor …….. they fight for victory till the end! They don’t hang their head if they lose a game ……. they play hard whether they win or lose ………… because they …… are the Wildcats!!!
The level of skill and sportsmanship they have is amazing. They all have what it takes to win a playoff game. The goalies are outstanding! They are alert to where the puck is at all times. That’s how they stop the puck from going in. Watching this great team in action is going to make you just sit there in amazement!!
This team has wonderful sportsmanship! They try hard to play clean instead of cheap and dirty when hitting. They also try not to retaliate as much whenever someone goes after them. At the end of a game, they shake hands with their opponent. They aren’t angry if they lose ……. they are just happy with the effort they put in and how much fun they had. That’s our Presque Isle Wildcats!!!!!


The exhilaration of winning a swimming race

By Gabby Donovan
Grade 6
The Judge calls, “Swimmers take your mark, get set, GO.”
I dive into the water, I feel the bubbles against my skin. I am where I want to be and I am going to win this race.
This race is four laps long. I touch the edge of the pool and that is one lap down. I kick with all my might and I touch the wall again. Two laps down. Only two laps to go.
I am saying in my head over and over again, “I know I can do this.”
I touch the wall once more to complete my third lap I am on my final lap and very tired, but I force myself to swim as fast as I can. The whole lap, I am saying to myself, “just one more lap. I know I can win this race.”
I have been training all year and this was it, the big race. If I win this race, my team, the Presque Isle wildcats, will win the county meet and we will move onto states.
I have half a lap left to go. I am as tired as can be, but I have complete confidence in myself and I know I must go on. When I finally touch the wall, it is the greatest feeling. All I have to do now is wait for the judge to announce the winner of the race. I am so nervous. Time is going by so slowly, it feels as hours have passed. Finally, the Judge is announcing third and second place. I am neither. Then he says the winner is …….. I was so happy! I have never felt this way before. I cannot wait to go to the states.