Students to walk for fitness

13 years ago

The Walking Wednesday program at Houlton Southside School will begin for the spring on Wednesday, April 27. As in the past, students will have the opportunity to walk to school along South Street or students who are bused to school will be able to walk on the athletic field behind the school.
“Walking Wednesday is such a great program I wanted to make sure our students had the opportunity to participate in it this spring,” said Jenn Vega, a teacher at the school who is overseeing the effort. “Several students had asked about the program in the fall, but unfortunately we were unable have it then. There is no better time than spring to start Walking Wednesday back up again.  The warmer weather is here and it is time to enjoy it.”
The walking program was first begun in 2002 and was recognized in 2005 for its success in 2005 by the Maine Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness, Sports, Health and Wellness for its success. In the past, half or more of the students in the school took part.
In conjunction with the resumption of the program, members of the Houlton Southside School Safety Patrol will be stationed at crosswalks between Houlton Elementary School and Southside School to assist students to safely cross streets. Green caution marker figures with orange flags also will be stationed along the walking route. Drivers are urged to be extra cautious on those days.