Faulkner honored by peers at spring conference

13 years ago

By Gloria Austin
Staff Writer

    At the Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrator’s Association (MIAAA) Spring Conference held at the Samoset on April 7-8, SAD 25 athletic director Phil Faulkner was recognized by his peers.
    Faulkner was the recipient of the Robert Boucher Award, which recognizes “diverse challenges faced by an athletic administrator in his/her work, as well as his/her dedication to interscholastic athletics, while often times going unnoticed.”
    “I was quite pleased,” said Faulkner. “It’s a very nice award.”
SP-faulkner-dcx-pt-16Phil Faulkner
    The award honors Boucher, who was a life-long athletic director.
    “He dedicated his life to doing a lot of little things for the kids in his school,” said Faulkner.
    Boucher was recognized by a lot of people in the southern part of the state when this award was initiated.
    “It was quite an honor to have this presented by your peers,” Faulkner added.
    Over the past few years, Faulkner has been faced with the challenges of numbers for teams (no girls high school soccer) and a limited number of girls for the basketball team and how to rebuild those programs. He deals with scheduling, coaches and parents, along with lining fields and organizing times.
    “In a small school, there is not enough help to go around,” he said. “So, the job falls into the lap of the athletic director. But, I would be lost without the custodians. They are my right hand. They are very important to me.”
    Faulkner has more than 40 years’ experience at being an athletic director. He started in Island Falls and came to Katahdin. After taking time off, Faulkner returned to that capacity of A.D. at Katahdin for the last five years.
    “Being an athletic director is something I enjoy doing,” Faulkner said. “I try to do the best I can for my kids at the school so they have the best conditions to play under.”
    There are 180 high schools represented in the MIAAA and nominations come from the different schools for the Boucher Award. Rae Bates, principal of Katahdin High School nominated Faulkner. The names were then narrowed down to 11 by the MIAAA committee.
    “I know about the award because I am on the MIAAA committee,” said Faulkner. “Your peers on the MIAAA vote on the names. So, it is coming directly from your peers.”
    At the time of voting, Faulkner and others were asked to leave the room.
    “No one told me who got the award,” Faulkner said. “You are not at liberty to ask. They try to keep as much as they can under cover. I didn’t know who they were going to give it to.”
    But, Faulkner had no idea until the night of the banquet when the number of years as an athletic director was mentioned.
    “I am the only one there with that many years,” he said.
    Faulkner knows the award is not one he achieved on his own.
    “I want to especially thank our principal, the administration and board for their support, coaches and players who helped me get this award,” he said. “I consider it a privilege. I enjoy the work and being around young people.