12 years ago
Kaitlyn Beil

By Kaitlyn Beil
Grade 8, LCS

There were four kids named Rachel Klemmings, James Dorah, Jamie Malkoms and Felipe Stevensons. They all went to the same school together in Tonopah, Nevada.

One day after school, they all decided to hang out at Rachel’s house. They were at her house for a few hours, then they all decided to go home.

The next day Felipe wasn’t at school, and Rachel, James and Jamie were wondering where he was.

After school James, Rachel and Jamie went looking for Felipe. They all went to James’s house and made a plan to start looking for Felipe. (It was that they would go to his house) and ask his mom and see if she seemed suspicious. They went, and she didn’t seem suspicious. They decided to find him.

They started to make a list of what they would need. They put rope, clips for the rope, food, water, first- aid kit, clothes, blankets, climbing shoes, flashlight, knife, tent, matches, flare gun (in case they got lost in the woods). They decided to leave at 2:45 a.m. They would all be at James’s house until it was time to leave.

It was 2:45 and they left without telling anyone so that none of their parents would say no to them. They started to walk towards the dead end road by James’s house. They walked up the road and went into the woods. Then a mile into the woods, Jamie found Felipe’s cell phone near a bush. Jamie showed James and Rachel and they were glad that they were going the right way. After a few hours of walking they all wanted to stop and eat. By the time they stopped to eat, it was 5:23 a.m. They took a half an hour to eat. When they packed up all their things and left, they heard some leaves crackling. They were all startled, because they were 7 miles into the woods, and they didn’t know they were being followed.

The sound of the crackling of the leaves got closer and closer, then they all started to run. They stopped running, and then James and Rachel noticed that Jamie was gone. They ran back to where they heard the leaves, and she wasn’t there. They ran away from that area, and from that point, James and Rachel were now looking for Felipe and Jamie. They started to look to see if either Jamie or Felipe dropped anything. It was starting to get hot out, and it was 12:47 p.m. They were getting tired.

When it started to get dark out, James started to put up the tent. Rachel got the blankets out, and they both went into the tent and went to sleep. In the middle of the night James got awakened by some noises of screaming. James woke up Rachel, and they both grabbed flash lights and got out of the tent. They walked around and found no one. They went back to the tent and packed their things up when it started to get a little lighter outside.

They saw a mountain and were heading towards it, then they saw something about 15 feet ahead of them. They walked closer to it, and it was Jamie’s book bag. They decided to take it with them. A few hours later James and Rachel were packing up from eating, and they heard crackling of the leaves again. This time they heard talking, too. It sounded like Jamie. James walked towards the noises, and he saw Jamie.

She was a little cut up. They both walked back to Rachel, and they were glad that they found Jamie. They all finished packing up and were still heading for the mountain. They were determined that they would find Felipe. They were getting closer to the mountain, but it also was getting later in the day. Jamie was getting tired, because she hadn’t slept for two days.

They all unpacked the tent again with James putting the tent up. Jamie and Rachel were getting the blankets ready, and they heard screaming. They got closer together, got flash lights, and walked towards the screaming. Then after a few minutes it stopped, and they didn’t find anything. They walked back and went to bed.

The next morning Jamie was gone again along with everything else. Rachel and James started to get a little suspicious about Jamie now that she was gone again. All their stuff was missing, even the equipment. James and Rachel left the tent behind, because they had nowhere to put it.

James and Rachel went to find food because that was gone too. They went to a stream that they spotted. While they were trying to catch some food, Rachel saw someone far away on the other side of the stream. She wanted to see who it was but James said no. It could be the one who took Felipe. James caught 2 fish, and they left to get some sticks so they could light a fire. They could cook the fish.

When they were cooking on the fire, they heard some splashing sounds. They went towards the stream, and there was a weird looking guy there. He was wearing boots, black pants, and shirt, and he looked really gross. He saw James and Rachel and ran faster towards them. As James and Rachel were running, they ran and tried to hide. They were hiding up in a tree watching the guy until he left, then James and Rachel got out of the tree and left. They were at the mountain.

James and Rachel didn’t know what to do, because all their equipment was gone. They had no way to climb on very steep hills. They were going to do what they could. They got to about three-fifths high in the mountain and it was dark out. They were hungry and thirsty, but in the morning they would find food.

They finally woke up and they went looking. There was a little stream. After they got their food, they cooked. They started to walk more of the mountain. After a while, they found a cave, and they saw something glowing in it. They walked towards it and went in it. It was a fire to keep whoever stayed in the cave warm, but then they saw a person lying on the ground in it. They hurried to the person, and it was Felipe.

He was breathing, but not conscious. They heard someone talking, and walking to the cave. James and Rachel didn’t know what to do. The person went into the cave and it was Jamie and the weird guy who was chasing them earlier. Then James said, “It was you who kidnapped Felipe and took our stuff!” Then James tackled the weird guy and pushed him off a cliff. Rachel tackled Jamie, and they called to police and told them about everything and the police told them to wait there, and they would come.

James held down Jamie, and Rachel went to get the rope from the bags that Jamie stole. They tied her up. The police finally came after a while, and an ambulance also came for Felipe. The police took Jamie, James and Rachel. They took James and Rachel home, and Jamie to prison. Everything went back to normal.