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12 years ago
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Nic Sleeper

By Nicholas Sleeper
Grade 8, CMS

In my school, Caribou Middle School, bullying is sometimes a problem just as it is a problem in schools across America. A leadership group at my school is working to help with this issue.

The team created a survey and gave it to all of the students in Caribou Middle School. Over three hundred students responded. Our results showed that one hundred fifty-two people have been verbally bullied at some time and 223 people have been bystanders to others being bullied. The good news is that 144 students have tried to help while 61 asked for help.

In my leadership team we are trying to help by taking actions that would reduce bullying and make students more aware. We are brainstorming ideas to help people such as having a box in which they can tell an adult what happened and get help. We think this is a good idea but we are also brainstorming other ideas.

Out team has also produced a video that will be shown to students and the community later in May. We have read “The Revealers” by Doug Wilhelm. Mr. Wilhelm will be visiting Caribou this spring to discuss his book and meet with students and community members. We have been fortunate to form a partnership with the local library. This partnership has made it possible  to bring this author to Caribou. The Revealers is a great book, and I encourage you to read it. You may borrow a copy from the Caribou Public Library if you are interested.

Joshua Verhoff



Joshua Verhoff, a member of the Caribou Middle School Gifted and Talented Program, is working with his peers as they partner with the Caribou Public Library and the Aroostook Substance Abuse Prevention team to promote bullying awareness to the community through the One Book — One Community project.  A seventh-grade student, Verhoff stated, “I’ve known a lot of people who think their school is safe, but I see bullying happening everywhere. People need to realize how much bullying really does take place. It shouldn’t happen — and it can be stopped. If everyone would read, “The Revealer”’ maybe that would make then understand better.”





Gabrielle Marquis

Gabrielle Marquis is a sixth-grade student at the Caribou Middle School who participates in the Gifted and Talented Program, directed by Beth Alden. Marquis is also part of the leadership team, working on the “One Book — One Community” project, encouraging Caribou youth and adults to enter into a common discussion on the serious issue of bullying, after reading the book  “The Revealers.”  “This book teaches a lesson on bullying — it gives a different perspective on how other kids can stop it from happening. Bullying happens quite often to some people and this book is a good way for all of us to find out how to put a stop to it.”