Today’s steps

12 years ago
Megan Tucker

By: Megan Tucker
Grade 5, LCS

The steps I take today will affect me in the future. My dreams are to get a scholarship, go to college, and become a teacher. Dreams are important because you can plan for the future. Dreams let your imagination run free. You should follow your dreams by taking steps to make them happen.    I can accomplish my dreams by getting good grades and developing good study habits. I want to get good grades so I can get a scholarship. If I do well in high school I could get into clubs like the National Honors Society. Maybe then I will get into a good college. I hope I can accomplish my dreams in the future.

In the future, I hope to become a teacher. I want to help children learn. I think I would make a good teacher because I love kids. If I accomplish my dreams I will be so proud of myself. I hope I have a great future.