The Johnny Poem

12 years ago
By Matthew Hancock
Limestone Community School
Grade 7
Money burns a hole in my pocket means that if I get money I will spend it as soon as I get it or try to spend all of it until I have no more.
This little boy named Johnny,
Gets his allowance of money,
Burns a hole in his pocket,
So he spends all of it,

Then he felt sad,
Maybe even mad,
He wanted more cash,
So he asked his mom and dad.
They told him he had been bad.

He asked why,
They said cause he bought pie.
And he was told to save it up,
So he got yelled at,
Then he started to cry and cry.

He went to his room,
And he was sorry how bad he had been,
So he went to tell,
It ended with a yell,
And he never got money again.