Heroes are neighbors helping neighbors

12 years ago

Heroes are neighbors helping neighbors

Red Cross honors Real Heroes

To the editor:

    Judy and I would like to thank the American Red Cross and its board along with Maine Public Service for the “Real Heroes” award presented to us Friday, April 6th. We would be remiss if we didn’t share the rest of the story. Their are actually many heroes involved in this story.

    First a big thank you to Buck Construction for hiring the dad of this seven-member family, the rest of the story unfolds. Cindy Johnson of “The Cubby” and Eva Kirk of “Hand Me Down Antiques” were extremely generous with their goods. The faculty and staff of SAD 1 came through with household items and gifts. Our close neighbors the Baldwins, Leavitts and Kitchens helped with meals and took time to interact with the children. Two of Judy’s operating room co-workers provided volumes of clothes and food. The Presque Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary came through at both Thanksgiving and Christmas with the extras that make holidays so special.

    Now you all see why we wish to share this honor with our amazing group of friends, neighbors and community. Neighbor helping neighbors, it is what living in our community is all about.

Judy and Tom Deschaine

Presque Isle