Shouldn’t trivialize Trayvon Martin’s death

12 years ago

Shouldn’t trivialize Trayvon Martin’s death

To the editor:

    The April 11 Star-Herald printed an “In the City” article by Presque Isle Police Chief Matthew Irwin entitled “Coming home to Presque Isle.” Chief Irwin, a former resident of central Florida, made a comment about the widely publicized Trayvon Martin shooting.

First, he mentioned that his daughter attended school with Trayvon and she remembered that Trayvon was a “nice” person. Next, Chief Irwin wrote, “My law enforcement friends did not generally see Trayvon through the same prism as my daughter although they never met him.”

    The inference is that Martin was less than “nice.” This is sad commentary made by law enforcement officers. Florida police seem to imply that Trayvon’s prior moral character is connected to his tragic death. To profile Martin as an unsavory character is inappropriate since it had no relevance to the shooting incident.

    Let the justice system decide if George Zimmerman was justified in shooting Martin. Let’s not trivialize Trayvon’s death by stereotyping on alleged past behaviors.

Todd Russell

Presque Isle