Reader finds trash system is fair to all

12 years ago

Reader finds trash system is fair to all

To the editor:

    Under the Pay-As-You-Throw system each household’s costs are based on the amount of waste they create. I believe this to be fair.

Our personal household’s costs are only about half what they were when we were dealing with a refuse hauler directly. In addition the refuse hauler transports our recyclables to the transfer station saving me two or three trips a month.

    It is great to look down the street on “trash day” and see all the blue bags at the mouth of each driveway, knowing that without the pay-as-you-throw system much of this stuff would wind up in our landfill.

    I believe the city has instructed citizens that might have items that are too large to fit in the orange bag to “call your refuse hauler to arrange for disposition.”

    In brief, I think the city of Presque Isle has this one right!

Perry G. Good

Presque Isle