Put your hands together for Violet

12 years ago

fs-norma-dcx-ar-16Contributed photo
Violet is a 10-month-old spayed female who, Halfway Home Pet Rescue volunteers agree, is just adorable and fun to be around. She has been Leukemia tested, has received her current shots, has been wormed and received parasite prevention treatment. Volunteers with HHPR say that Violet enjoys other cats and is extremely loving to people. “She will be a great cat for any size family as long as you have plenty of time to hold and pet her,” said Norma Milton, HHPR president. “Violet prays several times a day for a happy family adoption,” she added, referring to the photo, “and you cannot find a more loveable, kindly feline companion — Violet is a very smart, happy and faithful companion.” The adoption fee for Violet is $40. Milton emphasized that HHPR specializes in caring for cats that have not been given safety and shelter in any other situation. “We have people sign a paper that they have checked with their local community’s contracted shelter and the community’s police department; we accept the overflow of these two options,” she said. The rescue currently has four 8- to 9-week-old kittens that are still available for adoption with a $55 adoption fee that comes with a voucher to have the animal spayed/neutered when they’re old enough. The shelter is also housing several young adult cats currently, ranging from 6-months to 5-years old and they’re more than ready to go home with a new family. Milton says that HHPR has a limited amount of free pet food available at this time, but individuals in need can call for a pet food application at 492-1722, leaving their name and mailing address on the answering machine by speaking slowly and providing the information twice. “A HHPR volunteer will mail the application out as soon as possible and you will be called about when you can pick up your food supply,” Milton explained.  Halfway Home Pet Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, state licensed animal shelter in Caribou utilizing a foster care system. The mailing address is PO Box 488, Caribou, ME, 04736 and their website is www.halfwayhomepetrescue.org. The rescue can be emailed at norma@halfwayhomepetrescue.org and their phone number is 492-1722.