Participants brave bitter cold, gusty winds for walk/run

12 years ago

HOULTON, Maine — A large group of hearty runners and walkers turned out Saturday morning for the third annual Breaking the Silence of Sexual Violence walk/run to help raise awareness for the cause. A field of 48 runners, and nearly as many walkers, participated in the event, which began at the Houlton Band of Maliseets gymnasium.
    Runners and walkers endured bitterly cold temperatures for April, which were compounded by strong, gusty winds. The temperature at the start of the race was in the mid-30s.
Ty Thurlow was the top runner, completing the five-mile course in 30 minutes, 19 seconds. Nicole Green was the first female finisher with a time of 36:39.
Age group winners were: Dillon Beckum, male under 14; Marie Vecum, female, 19-29; Thomas Wire, male 19-29; Darcy Gentle, female 30-39; Thomas Beckum, male 30-39; Angela Ewings, female, 40-49; Jeff Ashby, male 40-49; Leo Kashian, male 50-59; Connie McLellan, female 60-and-older; and Larry Tonzi, male 60-and-older.
Winners in the two-mile walk were: 1, Hunter McLaughlin; 2, Andrew Raesche; 3, Evelyn Pratt; 4, Kelly McLaughlin; and 5, Abby Schools.
“This year we had over 150 participants including close to 50 runners participate in the 3rd annual run-walk event,” said Katie Bell of the Maliseet Domestic Violence and Sexual Assualt program. “Though this was the coldest it’s ever been for the event, it also drew the largest crowd. I am so impressed with the overwhelming support in this community to support this important cause to end sexual violence.”
Several law enforcement agencies participated in the walk, including Houlton Police Chief Butch Asselin; Aroostook County Sheriff’s officers Craig Clossey, Ross McQuade and Larry Goff; Tribal Police member Jim Bledsoe; and Maine State Police representative Adam Stoutamyer.
The event is a collaborative effort of AMHC Sexual Assault Services, Maliseet Domestic Violence and  Sexual Assault Program and Aroostook Musterds (Larry Tonzi).
“It is a great way to conclude Sexual Assault Awareness Month and raise awareness about sexual violence,” Bell said. “This year’s theme for Sexual Assault Awareness Month was healthy sexuality. We believe that everyone has certain inalienable relationship rights like; trust, choice, safety and consent. Victims of sexual violence were robbed of these rights by their perpetrators. While this is an event that means a lot to us as service providers and stakeholders in the community, it is really a symbol to victims of where this community stands on violence of any kind and serves as a message to perpetrators that sexual violence is not tolerated in our community.”
The individual results for the 5-mile race were: 1, Thurlow, 30:19; 2, T. Beckum, 30:51; 3, Jeff Ashby, 32:00; 4, Leo Kashian, 33:36; 5, Randy Johnston, 33:42; 6, Thomas Wire, 34:30; 7, D. Beckum, 34:31; 8, Joe Ewings, 34:42; 9, Newell Lewey, 35:02; 10, Douglas Bailey, 35:16; 11, Peter Bates, 35:55; 12, Dave Gates, 36:06; 13, Jacob Hunt, 36:24; 14, Tonzi, 36:35; 15, Nicole Green, 36:39; 16, Enrique Serrano, 36:51; 17, A. Ewings, 36:59; 18, Robert Losieniecki, 37:04; 19, Lou Lainey, 38:11; 20, Tim Wilde, 38:32; 21, Adam Murchison, 39:16; 22, Jared Drake, 40:17; 23, Evan Lewis, 40:45; 24, Marie Beckum, 40:55; Darcy Gentle, 42:06; 26, Carl Tompkins, 42:10; 27, Amber Wire, 43:48; 28, Jason Parmelee, 43:59; 29, Vicki Murchison, 44:16; 30, Brent Bailey, 44:20; 31, Don Zillman, 44:28; 32, Kevin McKinney, 44:28; 33, Connie McLellan, 44:37; 34, Cheryl Peabody, 46:11; 35, Jordan Bent, 46:30; 36, Dave Bates, 47:10; 37, Doug Levesque, 49:14; 38, Keith Hanson, 49:33; 39, Andrew Cole, 49:34; 40, Jim Rowe, 49:35; 41, Vonnie Gould, 50:37; 42, Ellen Anderson, 52:11; 43, Karen Gates, 53:28; 44, Name not available, 54:32; 45, Christie Dingee, 55:01; 46, Angel Patterson, 59:29; 47, Tamara Goodrich, 59:29; and 48, Dave Goodrich, 59:30.