Sno-Drifters thank area landowners

12 years ago

    The Molunkus Valley Sno-Drifters held their Landowner Appreciation Service at their clubhouse on May 5.
    Deb Long welcomed landowners, guests, and members. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.
    David Stevens, northern region vice president spoke, along with former northern vice president Dan Bridgham. No wardens were available this year. Rep. Rick Long spoke and then certificates and awards were presented. When that was finished, a slideshow of yearly events was presented by Rick Allen. Then Stevens recognized Long for her work.
    The next event for the Sno-Drifters is a Father’s Day kayak raffle package on June 17. Tickets can be purchased by calling Rick Allen 267-4891 or Deb Long 267-1200.

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Deb Long, left, awards Del and Lamie Caldwell Sheila and Gary Long
sp-landowners-dcx4-pt-19 sp-landowner-dcx2-pt-19
Rick and Lisa Allen Bill and Judy Bishevsky
sp-landowner-dcx6-pt-19 sp-landowner-dcx5-pt-19
Roger Bouchard Deb Long, left presents certificate to
Tim and Trudy Long