My Earth Day Essay

12 years ago

My Earth Day Essay

By Briana Gilson

Zippel Elementary School, Grade 5, First Place, Category: 3-5

    Did you know over half the people today are driving vehicles? Imagine what people would do if we didn’t have vehicles? That would be scary!

    I help the Earth by whenever I go from my mom’s to my dad’s, I ride my bike and so does my brother. Also, in the springtime, my great-gram and I walk up and down my road picking up trash, bottles and cans. At my dad’s house, we have a composter that we put all of our bad food in. Then we have a burn bag that my dad puts paper stuff in and burns it.

    Once a week I go through the recyclables and put them in separate barrels. There’s one for cans and bottles, one for cardboard, one for paper and one for plastics. Then I separate all the recyclables into all the different barrels. My gram does the same thing but with trash cans. My gram reuses tinfoil. She takes the used tinfoil, rinses and washes it, then folds it back up and puts it in a baggy in her drawer. Of course, if she uses it on meat she throws it away.

    My aunt takes her old tinfoil, washes it and gives it to me and I make stars and other shapes for her Christmas tree. Once before my mom and I found a trail that goes to my aunt’s house in Mapleton. I live in Chapman, and we rode our horses on it. So now, when we want to go to my aunt’s house and it’s nice out and we have time, we ride the horses instead of driving.

    Once every 10 years someone comes to my house and trims the woods behind my house.

    That’s what I do for Earth Day. What do you do for Earth Day?