Bennett is the right choice

12 years ago

Bennett is the right choice

To the editor:

    As the primary election approaches on June 12th, we have an opportunity to vote for candidates for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by U.S. Senator Olympia Snowe. In my opinion, there is one clear choice in Republican Rick Bennett.

    I have known Rick since I moved to Presque Isle in 1994 having worked closely with him while he was in the Maine Legislature as we worked to redevelop Loring. I am supporting Rick because I trust his judgment, integrity and his ability to reach solutions to complex problems. I also appreciate Rick’s ability to work with others and was very impressed with how he managed the Maine Senate as its President at a time when the Senate was evenly divided. During this time and throughout Rick’s political career, he demonstrated a unique and effective ability to work with all members of the elected chamber for the betterment of Maine people.

    In addition, Rick is the only candidate in this primary election that for decades has demonstrated a commitment to fiscal conservatism in both the public and private sectors, and the guts to stand up to those who don’t share the same need for financial accountability.

    Lastly, Rick’s private sector experience and accomplishments over the last 10 years have been quite impressive. Rick grew a start-up company into a nationally recognized and highly respected firm that has brought corporate governance and fiscal accountability to the forefront for shareholders.

    Rick Bennett will represent us well in the U.S. Senate and I am enthusiastically supporting his candidacy.

Brian N. Hamel

Presque Isle