Big Three deserve Memorial Day praise

12 years ago

Big Three deserve Memorial Day praise

To the editor:

    On Memorial Day as we remember our brave men and women who have fought our wars and defended this country, I think of our automobile industry. If it had not been for General Motors, Ford and Chrysler, manufacturing much of the armament during WW II, we and our allies would have lost the war.

    These factories armed our forces and much of the British war effort as well as the Russians. Without this “arsenal of democracy” as proclaimed by President Roosevelt, we would not be a free people today. In 1942, after Hitler had conquered much of Europe and Japan had overran most of the Pacific, Radio Tokyo announced that the Japanese people could look forward to a triumphal march though London and New York City.

    Recently, enough cooler heads realized that the U.S. auto industry was once the difference between the life and death for our civilization. Thankfully, the Obama Administration saved this industry. I am concerned when I see the great number of foreign name tags on the autos. Whenever possible, we should support these old American manufacturers.

Bob Tweedie