Book features County canoe routes

12 years ago
By Kathy McCarty
Staff Writer

    Maine waterways, including several in Aroostook County, are among those flowing through a book recently presented to the Washburn Public Library by author/photographer Ann Flewelling.


Image courtesy of Ann Flewelling

    MAINE’S WATERWAYS are featured in a new publication by Ann Flewelling.

    Following original canoe routes from the author’s native northern Maine to the Downeast area where she now resides, Flewelling’s “A Moment of Water: Journey by Maine Watershed” celebrates the scenic beauty of our special Maine watersheds.


    Flewelling said funds from the sale of the book will be used to preserve the natural resources she’s captured in her book.

    “Proceeds from the sale of the book support environmental conservation efforts,” said Flewelling, whose donations this spring have benefited the Penobscot River Restoration project.

    Some of the images from the publication are also being displayed for public viewership.

    “The Natural Resources Council of Maine began displaying photographs from the book in its lobby gallery,” she said.

    A well-known County publication also features a photo from the book as its cover.

    “The current cover of northern Maine’s ‘Echoes’ magazine features a vivid photograph of Cross Lake, which I included in my book,” said Flewelling. The magazine also contains an excerpt entitled “Journey Across Time on a Maine Lake.”

    Those interested in checking out the book can do so at various venues this summer. Flewelling will join several other invited northern Maine authors at the Houlton Potato Fest on Aug. 18 for a book signing. “A Moment of Water” is available in Aroostook County at Country Collectibles in Presque Isle, York’s Books in Houlton and St. Peter’s Store in Guerrette.

    “A companion to the book – a large 19-month photographic calendar called ‘Upstream — Downstream 2012-13’ is also available at Country Collectibles,” said Flewelling.

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