Part-time students named to NMCC Dean’s List

12 years ago

Part-time students

named to NMCC Dean’s List

    PRESQUE ISLE — Northern Maine Community College has announced the Dean’s List for part-time students who earned at least 12 credits during the 2011-12 academic year. Forty-five part-time students were named to the list, achieving a 3.20 or better, with 10 of those achieving high honors with a grade point average of 3.85 or better. Five of these students had the distinction of earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average.

NMCC part-time Dean’s List — 2011-12 Academic Year

High Honors (3.85-4.0)

    Ryan M. St. Peter of Caribou, *Daniel N. Bernier of Frenchville, David A. Carter of Littleton, *Christina J. Babcock Bell of Mapleton, Ashley M. Roberts of Monticello, *Joseph P. Buckley, *James A. McCleary, Kelly J. McInnis and *Joseph E. Mortland of Presque Isle, and Casey R. Violette of Van Buren.

    * Achieved a perfect 4.0 semester.

NMCC part-time Dean’s List — 2011-12 Academic Year


    Monique A. Cormier, Cale A. Jones, Kristina M. McEwen and Nathanael J. Porter of Caribou, Howard Y. Lowery of Cary Plantation, Kim M. Rafford of Garfield Plantation, Ashley L. Bailey, Viola M. Bates, Monica L. Clark, Hilary A. Ellis, Leslie K. Heath, Kristin R. Hogan, Glen P. Littleton, Jonathan P. McQuarrie, Barbara F. Walton and Josie E. Watson, all of Houlton; Brenda L. Maddocks of Limestone, Edward J. Fitzpatrick of Littleton, Benjamin N. Michaud of Madawaska, Derek J. Finnemore and Clarissa L. Lane of Mapleton, Danette E. Cyr of Moro Plantation, Kjersti A. Gustafson of New Sweden, Jaylene N. McKenney of Oakfield, Amy L. Brady of Patten, Brittany A. Cray, Nancy E. Cray, Candy M. Easton, Joel S. Michaud, Minyi S. Shaw, Kimberly A. Tompkins and Shirley J. Wallace, all of Presque Isle; Hillary R. Harris of Wade, and Jennica L. Marston and Paul J. Dumont of Washburn.