12 years ago

CARIBOU — The following divorces were granted in 1st District Court in May, June and July 2012 by Judge David Soucy and Family Law Magistrate Rob N. Langner on grounds of irreconcilable differences.

Keith W. Goodall, confidential, and Allora Twist-Wilshusen, Skowhegan, married Sept. 5, 1977, in Oakfield.

Ralph Knowles and Katherine Knowles, both of Caribou, married Oct. 26, 2002, in North Carolina; shared parental rights and primary residence of one child.

Rainald A. Gervais and Trisha D. Gervais, both of Caswell, married Sept. 21, 2001, in Limestone.

Kevin D. Clayton, Washburn, and Marie Jean Clayton, Caribou, married April 10, 2009, in Perham, shared parental rights of one child and primary residence is with the mother.

Krishn Mehta and Kelly M. Mehta, both of Caribou, married Oct. 31, 2006, in Connor TWP.

Stanley J. Borko, Jr., Massachusetts, and Cynthia Lee Leslie, Perham, married Sept. 30, 1990, in Massachusetts.

Joseph G. Clark and Lisa L. Clark, both of Garfield PLT, married Aug. 5, 2002, in Ashland; shared parental rights and primary residence of two children.

Hugo M. Bonilla-Medrano and Connie A. Bonilla, both of Caribou, married Oct. 10, 1997, in Woodland.

Mikell E. Pischke, Oregon, and Paula Pischke, Limestone, married June 8, 1994 in Oregon.

James Ransier, Caribou, and Angela Ransier, Limestone, married Oct. 16, 2010, in Limestone.

Robert C. Carroll, Indiana, and Alita A. Carroll, Caribou, married Sept. 20, 2002, in the Philippines.

Troy Haney and Jennifer Haney, both of Caribou, married Sept. 7, 2002, in Caribou.

James Steven Kickery, Caribou, and Jessie Jean Kickery, Kentucky, married Feb. 2, 2001, in Vermont.

Nicholas Morrill, Presque Isle, and Earla Morrill, Stockholm, married June 20, 2009, in Caribou.

Ronald S. Campbell, Jr., confidential, and Wanda L. Campbell, Ashland, married March 16, 1990, in Wade.

Scott R. McIntosh and Martha A. McIntosh, both of Washburn, married Sept. 18, 1999, in Wade.

Ahmand S. Mustafa and Jeanie M. Abbott-Mustafa, both of Caribou, married Aug. 15, 2001, in Jordan; shared parental rights of three children and primary residence with the mother.