AARP offers Voters’ Guides

12 years ago

Letter to the Editor:
    Now that both the Republican and Democratic Party conventions are over, I am hopeful that American voters will have a good sense of where the presidential candidates stand on the issues they care about.  It can be difficult to wade through the enormous amount of information and the advertisements coming our way every day.  Cutting through the political campaign clutter can be quite a challenge.
    With this in mind, the annual AARP Voters’ Guides can help.  Our strict nonpartisan status enables us to offer specific information about congressional and presidential candidates’ positions on issues of concern to older voters.  This year, our Voters’ Guides focus on Social Security, Medicare and financial security.  With more than one-third of Mainers 65+ relying on their Social Security benefit for their entire income, we know this is a critical issue.  With almost 270,000 Medicare beneficiaries in our state, we understand that voters will want to know what the candidates plan to do to strengthen this vital program.  With almost seven percent of older Mainers going hungry every day, it’s time to find out how the candidates plan to address financial security problems.
    If you would like to find out where the candidates stand on these matters, go to and take a look at our Voters’ Guides.  The candidates’ responses are culled from publicly available information and excerpts from their own campaign sources. 
    Please also join us on Election Day, when we all have the opportunity to make our voices heard on these critical issues.
John Hennessy
AARP Maine Advocacy Director