Remembering the Dyer Brook General Store

12 years ago

To the editor:
    Wow, what a flood of memories the recent article on the Dyer Brook General Store brought back to me. I remember both Jiggs and Harold quite well, even though it’s been a ton of years since I left Dyer Brook.
    Growing up in Dyer Brook in the late 1940s – early ‘50s was nearly idyllic. We lived at the top of the “best sledding hill” ever and just down the road was the general store where a dime would buy a bag of candy. Jiggs called me “Rusty” because of all my freckles and loved to give me a hard time.
    My dad and an older brother and sister are buried in the cemetery just down the road from the site of the store and on my infrequent visits; I can close my eyes and remember being a boy there.
David McCormick
Appleton, Wisc.